Rec Rewards

Marshall Rec Rewards is our new loyalty program that rewards you for participation at The Rec! There are various ways to earn points which you can redeem for awesome Marshall Rec gift cards and name-brand prizes. Our members mean a lot to us, and this great program is just one way to recognize you for your loyalty and participation in our programs and facility. Plus, it is totally FREE – so activate and start earning your Marshall Rec Rewards points today!

How do I join Marshall Rec Rewards?

It is quick and easy to activate your Rec Rewards account! As a Marshall Rec member, if you provided an email address during your membership registration process, you are already pre-enrolled in the program – all you have to do is visit Marshall Rec Rewards, and activate your account. Once you are done with this short process, you will receive 250 points just for activating.

To activate your account, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Marshall Rec Rewards
  • On the left-hand side, click on the “New to FitRewards? Activate your Account” link.
  • Complete the sections underneath “Account Activation.” Please take note of the following:
    • First Name: Your first name must match what is in the Marshall Rec membership database. For example, if your preferred name is Katie, but your full name is listed as Kathleen in the database, you will need to type in Kathleen.
    • Phone Number: Your phone number must match what is in the Marshall Rec membership database. If when submitting your information you receive an error, or says name not found, please type in ‘999-999-9999’ in this section. Please be sure to update Marshall Rec with your correct information if you did not provide us with it.
    • Email: Your email address must match what is listed in the Marshall Rec membership database. If you do not know what email address you have listed, or need to add one to your account, please contact Member Services (304) 696-4732.
    • Password: Create your own personalized password in this section. It is not required to use capital letters or numbers in your password if you choose not to.
  • Once you click “Submit” you will have access to our new Marshall Rec Rewards portal!

How can I earn points?

We have made it very easy for you to earn points with Marshall Rec Rewards! Some of the ways do not ever require you to lift a finger. Check out our sample list of actions below that can help you earn points. Watch for new actions and special promotions to earn extra points!

Number of Points How to Earn
1 point Every dollar spent at the Pro Shop
3 points Every visit to the Marshall Rec
100 points Purchase an annual membership
100 points Share about the Marshall Rec on Facebook (via Marshall Rec Rewards online system)*
100 points Attending special events at the Marshall Rec
125 points Happy Birthday!
250 points Activate your Marshall Rec Rewards account (it’s FREE!)
1250 points Your referred friend joins the Marshall Rec

What can I redeem my points for?

There are a variety of fantastic prizes you can earn by redeeming your Marshall Rec Rewards points — all you have to do is find the prize you want to earn, reach the point level (outlined below) and redeem for your prize!

In addition to earning some valuable Marshall Rec prizes, you can also redeem points for items like iPods, iPads, jewelry, bikes, watches, cameras, apparel, and much, much more! To search through the hundreds of prizes available, log in to your Marshall Rec Rewards account.

Reward Level Points Needed
Level 1 1,250 points
Level 2 2,500 points
Level 3 5,000 points
Level 4 10,000 points
Level 5 17,500 points
Level 6 25,000 points

For more information about Rec Rewards, please contact:

Michael Weaver
Associate Director of Facilities and Operations


Telephone: (304) 696-2943