Marshall University Career Services

Recruitment Policy

All recruiters will adhere to The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) standards, the professional guidelines of The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and the policies of the Career Services Center of Marshall University.
Recruiters will not be sponsored by Marshall University Career Services Center if:

Third party recruiters are eligible to post positions on Marshall JobTrax, but it must be specified that recruitment is for another company, as well as disclose the company's name to a Career Center staff member. The company's name does not have to be shown on the job posting and the Career Center will not disclose it to applicants.

Recruiters not sponsored by Marshall University Career Services may not use its name, services, or facilities, which in-cludes job-posting privileges.

The Career Center staff reserves the right to refuse postings that do not meet Marshall University policies, and deny any potential employer access should the employer abuse the system, post intentionally inaccurate or misleading in-formation, breach confidentiality, or put any MU student/alumni in danger.

Direct sales representative, i.e. cosmetics, cleaning supplies, toys, vitamins, etc. may not participate in career expos or other programs sponsored by the Career Services Center for on-campus recruiting.

Recruiters paying less than federal minimum wage may not participate in career expos or other programs sponsored by our office for on-campus recruiting, including job-posting privileges. The only exceptions are jobs such as child/elder care or food services, which by law may legally pay lower wages.

Any breach of any part of this policy will result in the termination of all future recruiting at Marshall University for five years.

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"WORKING with the friendly and
knowledgeable staff at Career Services is a pleasure and nearly effortless."

— John O'Connor, Steel of West Virginia, Inc.