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FYS Faculty

This page will allow you to view all of the current faculty members certified to teach FYS courses.

Faculty NameDepartment
Allenger, Mindy COE - Education
Babiuc-Hamilton, Maria COS - Physics & Physical Sciences
Barnes, Maribea COFA - Art & Design
Bartolovic, Frederick COFA - Art & Design
Begley, Richard CITE - Engineering & Computer Science
Beller, Marybeth COLA - Political Science
Blanco, Harold COE - Education
Booton, Susan COHP - Nursing
Carpenter, Mallory COLA - English
Cartwright, Tina COEHS - School of Education
Colvin, Sam COS - Integrated Science & Technology
Criss, Andrea COHP - Nursing
Dulin, Betsy CITE - Engineering & Computer Science
El-Shazly, Aley COS - Geology
Ellison, Robert COLA - English
Fan, Xiaojuan COS - Physics & Physical Sciences
Frank, Susan COHP - Communication Disorders
Garnett, Richard COLA - Sociology / Anthropology
Georgel, Philippe COS - Biological Sciences
Gilpin, Susan COLA - Communication Studies
Gooding, Andrew Other Department (Define Below) - Regents
Goodman, Allyson SOJMC
Gottlieb, Jo Dee COHP - Social Work
Gravano, Alan COLA - English
Halleck, Jamey LCOB - Management / Marketing
Harrison, Hayson COFA - Art & Design
Holbrook, Dan COLA - History
Horwitz, Alan COS - Mathematics
Ingersoll, Christine SOJMC
Jackson, Julie COFA - Theatre
Jackson, Susan COFA - Art & Design
Jones, Tom COS - Integrated Science & Technology
Kaufmann, Daniel COFA - Art & Design
Kovatch, Jeff COS - Biological Sciences
Lawson, Steve COFA - Music
LeGrow, Chris COLA - Psychology
Liu, Jian CITE - Applied Safety & Technology
Lopez, Carlos COLA - Modern Languages
McClure, Rex LCOB - Management / Marketing
McInerney, Margie LCOB - Management / Marketing
McNealy, Karen COHP - Communication Disorders
Miller, Montserrat COLA - History
Mulder, Pamela COLA - Psychology
Oeding, Carrie COLA - English
Price, Bill COS - Chemistry
Price, Elmer COS - Biological Sciences
Proctor, Patricia Other Department (Define Below) - Simon Perry Center for Constitutional Democracy
Pupplo-Cody, Evelyn COS - Mathematics
Rabe, Rob SOJMC
Roles, Eryn MU Libraries
Saken, Jon COS - Physics & Physical Sciences
Sammons, John COS - Integrated Science & Technology
Schultz, Gary COS - Biological Sciences
Shank, Terry COS - Integrated Science & Technology
Sias, Jennifer SOJMC
Squire, Walter COLA - English
St. Germain, Joan COFA - Theatre
Stickler, Larry COFA - Music
Sullivan, Donna COLA - Sociology / Anthropology
Taft, Ed COLA - English
Tarter, Barbara COLA - Communication Studies
Thomas, Sabrina MU Libraries
Thompson-Abbott, Amanda LCOB - Accountancy / Legal Environment
Trzyna, Wendy COS - Biological Sciences
Twietmeyer, Gregg COHP - School of Kinesiology
Wait, Isaac CITE - Engineering & Computer Science
White, Chris COLA - History
Wilkins, Allen LCOB - Finance / Economics
Winfrey, John COS - Physics & Physical Sciences
Winter, Linda COE - Education
Wolfe, Jeff COFA - Music
Young, John COLA - English
Zhang, Shaorong LCOB - Finance / Economics