Area of Focus
Energy research conducted at CBER relates to energy markets and policy including both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The Energy Area of Focus conducts a wide range of research and analysis related to current issues and trends in energy production and utilization. Energy resource production is a backbone of economic activity and the utilization of energy resources has shaped modern society. As it is a key input in the operation of businesses and households, energy affects all sectors of the economy. Energy resource management dominates the transportation sector through the movement of energy commodities to markets, goods and people.

Energy research includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The Program maintains close contact with industry, government and other research groups throughout the country. Its offerings are broadly comprised of investigative research, data analysis and policy analysis. The Program also provides educational services, such as high school and collegiate lectures on energy resources.

The Energy Program Area was developed to serve the needs of state agencies in the evaluation of energy opportunities and to provide guidance on policy options. The cyclical and finite nature of the production of energy resources poses fiscal planning challenges for public services that are partially dependent on tax revenue from energy resources. Regulatory compliance and federal incentives also impact the cost and composition of resource supply. Relative commodity prices are another very significant factor influencing near-term utilization.

Christine Risch, Director of Resource and Energy Economics
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