By offering market analysis services to clients, CBER demonstrates its ever-evolving skill set. In recent years, CBER has undertaken several market analysis projects, most of which fall within the energy sector. Market analysis includes evaluation of opportunities for growth and expansion, regional industry cost structures and effects on competitiveness, the effect of State and federal policy, and presentation of general supply and demand trends.

Recent market analysis reports include:

  • Appalachian Power HomeSMART Energy Efficiency Program Market Research Survey (2013)
  • Consensus Coal Production Forecast for West Virginia (ongoing)
  • Value-Added Opportunities from Natural Gas (2013)
  • Geothermal Energy: The Economics of West Virginia’s EGS Potential (2012)
  • Wind Energy in Wholesale Power Markets (2011)
  • Market Value Estimation for Electricity Resources (2011)
  • The State of West Virginia in the Regional Transmission Grid (2010)
  • Net Energy Trade Flows (multiple years)