Policy analysis at CBER employs a combination of the knowledge base and research from program areas to assist local and state government in developing sound public policy. CBER researchers have developed a solid reputation as qualified, impartial third party analysts. Through relevant committee appointments and conference representation, CBER stays abreast of current issues and monitors developing trends to effectively forecast emerging needs in all program and service areas.

The resulting research enhances policy development, legislative initiatives and funding proposals to produce and augment existing systems through efficiency and safety improvements. The data and analysis generated by CBER staff continues to provide a valuable resource to agencies and elected officials in West Virginia and throughout the Appalachian Region.

All research efforts undertaken by CBER are conducted with a strong and deliberate objective to remain a nonpartisan organization. The Center is dedicated to being a resource for information that focuses on the quality and integrity of our research products without taking an advocacy position within larger contextual debates.

  • Energy Efficiency Policy Outlook for West Virginia (2012)
  • Quality Rating and Improvement System Cost Implementation Study (2011)