The use of surveys to collect information is a valuable tool in our work. Surveys allow us to gather information from individuals, businesses or other entities as needed and provide a more in depth vantage point of the analysis being conducted. We have the capability to issue telephone, paper and electronic surveys (whether by hyperlink or via email list), as well as to collect, compile and analyze the results. Most frequently, the outcomes include a detailed report of findings.

  • Survey design
  • Target audience identification
  • Random and list-based telephone surveys
  • Direct mail surveys
  • Electronic surveys
  • Door-to-door surveys
  • Survey data input and encoding
  • Statistical analysis of survey results
  • Electronic imaging of survey instruments for record-keeping purposes

We have experience in conducting surveys as stand-alone reports or incorporating survey components into larger analysis. Recent contracted work, such as the studies listed below, have featured or included a survey element in the reporting process.

  • Appalachian Power Market Research (2013)
  • The Economic Impact of the Big Sandy Superstore Arena (2013)
  • Economic Impact Study of the Clay Center for Arts and Sciences of West Virginia (2011)
  • Property Tax Exemption of Nonprofit Organizations in West Virginia: Survey Results (2011)
  • Head Start Program Assessment (multiple years)
  • Our Lady of Bellfonte—Regional Hospital Wage Comparison (multiple years)