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CE Instructor Information and Guidelines

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Overview & Introduction

Continuing Education at Marshall University (MU) provides life-long learning opportunities for the campus and surrounding communities to assist citizens in the achievement of personal, family, civic, or professional goals through the offering of diversified short-term noncredit activities or camps for adults and youth. It also extends to faculty and others with expertise the opportunity to share their talents and abilities with the community and to reap some financial rewards for their expertise and effort.


The Instructor must complete and submit a CCE Community Enrichment Program New Course Proposal Form to the Center for Continuing Education for each new course they wish to instruct.. The Instructor will be notified of approval. The Instructor should carefully review the following information, the Instructor Checklist, CE General Guidelines and return any paperwork sent so as to be paid in a timely manner. Please contact this office at 304-746-8960 for any additional information or questions.


On the New Activity Proposal Form, the Instructor is asked to submit a requested compensation amount

Pay Procedures

An Instructor’s wages may be paid in one of two methods: PAR (if current employee of MU) or Independent Contract (1099)

If an Instructor has no affiliation with MU as an employee, or is not employed by another state agency, the Instructor will be paid as an Independent Contractor (1099)

Several Forms will be emailed to your attention for you to complete and return as soon as possible to alleviate a lag in payment for services. Below are the forms you will receive and must return:

  • Independent Contractor Determination Form
  • BOG-48 Contract
  • W-9
  • MU Banner Entry Form
  • An invoice for services

Once the CE Activity has concluded, the provided invoice will be forwarded to the Finance Office for payment. Payment should be made within two weeks after the CE Activity has concluded.

If an Instructor is a current employee of Marshall University, then the Instructor must be paid through Marshall’s payroll process as an Admin Stipend

    • An MU “PAR” will be completed and submitted to HR before the beginning of the CE Activity by the CCE department.
    • The Instructor’s payment will be processed in the next payroll cycle and added to their current pay.


Any question about your pay should be brought to the attention of the Continuing Education Director.


Classroom Size

Activity class size is the determining factor whether an activity is held or cancelled. Enrollment fees must cover all costs. Preferably minimum enrollment will be 10, though the instructor may his/her discretion go ahead with an activity with fewer participants which could result in lower pay. Maximum enrollment depends on the activity, instructor, and available equipment and space. Minimum and maximum enrollment numbers should be submitted on the CCE Enrichment Program Proposal Form.


Textbooks, Supplies, and Equipment

The instructor must provide a list of all textbooks, supplies, and equipment needed to teach the activity PRIOR to course. Instructions should be provided if the participants are to purchase required materials/supplies. Otherwise, all materials and textbooks will be provided by MU and calculated into the pricing of the course. Textbooks, supplies and equipment should be submitted on the CCE Enrichment Program Proposal Form.



The instructor and the Center for Continuing Education will work together to coordinate promotion for the requested course. CCE will be responsible for on-campus emails and press releases to newspapers and radio, and marketing materials through University Communications. Flyers or other advertisements are normally provided to the instructor by CCE for them to help promote their course. The distribution of flyers will be the responsibility of the instructor. If the instructor provides his/her own flyer or advertisement, CCE must review and approve any promotional items before distribution.


Participant Registration

The Center for Continuing Education will be responsible for pre-registering participants through the designated website. The instructor is responsible to collect participant fees for walk-ins at the first meeting (this is not the norm.). All participants must register and pay all fees before being allowed to attend a course. No one should be allowed to attend free of charge.


Age Requirements

CCE Activities are primarily designed to serve both youth and adult learners. As a general rule, students younger than 17 years old must complete with their parent/guardian a permission form to enroll in a CE Activity. It is the responsibility of the instructor to distribute these on day 1 and collect on day2. However, some activities are designed especially for specific age groups such as younger children, youth, or senior adults. Special age group requirements will be noted in the activity description. Childcare is not provided during CCE Activities. Participants are responsible for alternate arrangements for childcare.


Attendance Roster

CCE will provide an attendance roster in the Instructor’s Opening Packet at the beginning of the activity. Accurate attendance must be taken at each activity meeting in order to determine completion for certificate. The roster must be signed by the instructor and returned to the CCE office at the completion of the activity in the campus mail envelope provided with the opening packet.


Evaluation of Instruction

A course evaluation form will be provided in the Instructor Opening Packet. Near the conclusion of the CCE course, each participant should complete a CCE Participant Evaluation Form. Instructions on how to administer the evaluation process will be provided in the Instructor’s Packet. The evaluations must be completed in pencil or black ink. Official evaluation forms will be given to the instructor at the beginning of the CCE Activity with all criteria clearly defined. The evaluations should be returned to the CCE office with other materials into the original Instructor Packet at the conclusion of the CCE course. A copy of the results will be sent to the Instructor after tabulation is complete upon request.



Certificates of Completion will be provided in the Instructor’s Opening Packet. They should be distributed at the last activity meeting, not before! If additional students join the course, the instructor is responsible for notifying CCE. The Instructor will need to sign each Certificate and distribute to those who complete the course only.


Concluding an Activity

At the conclusion of the CCE Activity, the instructor submits to the CCE office: Attendance Roster, which must be signed by the instructor, and the completed Course Evaluations, along with all remaining CCE supplies. These items can be dropped in the campus mail area (Old main) in the envelope provided or directly to the Center for Continuing Education.


Copyright Policy

It is the Instructor’s responsibility to comply with the U.S. copyright law and any other laws or regulations, both state and federal, which protect intellectual property in any manner. Violation of these laws or guidelines may expose the Instructor and/or the University to liability for copyright infringement. Note: The copyright notice; e.g. © is no longer required for copyrighted material. Additional information on copyright policy may be found at the following websites:

CE Instructor Checklist

      1. Instructor completes a Continuing Education New Activity Proposal Form and submits it to, this form must be completed in its entirety.
      2. Instructor submits a Syllabus (outline of the activity) to the Office of Sponsored Programs after being notified that the proposal has been approved.
      3. Instructor prepares copies (or requests CCE to provide copies in the opening packet) of Syllabus to distribute to Participants at the first CE Activity session.
      4. Instructor develops and duplicates (can request for CCE to duplicate) materials for the CE Activity (note: copyright issues) and provides one copy of all materials to Office of Sponsored Programs to keep on file.
      5. Instructor reviews the “CE Instructor Information Guidelines” and “CE General Guidelines”
      6. Instructor provides a supply and/or book list to CCE.
      7. Instructor will be provided in the classroom the “Instructor’s Packet” from Center for Continuing Education. Packet contains registration forms for walk-ins, receipts, attendance roster, miscellaneous supplies, etc.
      8. Instructor should during the first CE Activity session:
        • Register all participant walk-ins by having them complete Participant Registration Forms, collect activity fees, and provide receipts to participants. (All participants must register and pay before being allowed to remain in the activity.)
        • Add names of walk-ins to Attendance Roster.
        • Take attendance prior to beginning the activity.
        • Provide youth participants with parental consent form to take home and bring back the next session.
        • Remind Participants of policies described on the CE General Guidelines; e.g., refund policy, inclement weather policy, etc
      9. Instructor submits any walk-in registration forms and fees to the CCE office on the first business day after the first CE Activity meeting.
      10. Instructor picks up the second “Instructor’s Packet” from the Office of Sponsored Programs. Packet contains evaluation forms and certificates. Unless provided in opening packet.
      11. Instructor should ask participants to complete “Course Evaluation Forms” according to instructions provided during the last CE Activity session.
      12. Instructor should distribute “Certificates of Participation” during the last CE Activity session.
      13. Instructor visits the CCE to complete any needed paperwork to process Instructor’s pay form.
      14. Instructor should complete and return the following items to the CCE office at the completion of the CE Activity:
        • Activity Evaluation Forms in the sealed envelope
        • Attendance Roster signed by the Instructor
        • All Parental Consent forms completed
        • All Provided Supplies

Dr. Beth Wolfe
Director of Continuing Education

Marty Emerson
Kitchen Manager