'Because of You' Nomination Form

The past, present and future of the mining industry depends upon thousands of individuals in its “enterprise ecosystem” who contribute significantly to the production of each ton of coal. It is because of them AND YOU that we celebrate.

Nominations for ‘Because of You’ awards are requested for outstanding individuals or groups that have made or are making significant contributions to selected sectors of the mining enterprise ecosystem.

Please submit nominations by June 1, 2014

Categories for Nomination

  1. The Homer Hickam Collier Award – The ‘Collier’, the name originally used for those working at the coalface, nowadays, the term 'Coal Miner' is more commonly used. The award is for an individual or small group whose body of work epitomizes the spirit, dedication and skills of the Collier and symbolizes the coal mining traditions, culture and family.
  2. Engineering Professional – Guides mining projects entire process, from the beginning through design, permitting and development or an engineering professional who provides services related to permitting and specialized design.
  3. Community Investment – An individual or group that channels investment and assistance back to coalfield communities.
  4. Community Involvement – An individual or group that shows leadership and commitment to outreach, community education and involvement.
  5. Safety Professional – An individual or small group that makes a significant contribution to coal miner safety, safety innovation and implementation.
  6. Innovation in Mining - An individual or group whose effort and work product has made a unique and significant contribution to mine productivity, safety and health. 
  7. Environmental Professional – An individual or small group that makes a significant contribution to the protection and stewardship of the environment through innovation and management practices.
  8. Management Professional – An individual or small group that exemplifies innovation and leadership in on-site management, production, safety, transportation, maintenance.
  9. Champion for Mining - An individual or group that has tirelessly and enthusiastically promoted the mining profession and traditions, and has been a strong advocate for the welfare of miners and their families.
  10. Women In Mining – An individual or small group that shows leadership in the expansion of the role of women in the coal industry.
  11. Educator of the Year – An individual professional educator (at any level) who shows innovation in education and/or training program development related to the mining industry.

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