Technical Forum 2005




Opening Speakers

Kentucky Geohazards In Transportation- Sam Beverage, Katrina Bradley: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet


Opening Session

GIS-Based Coal Resources Maps as Infrastructure Development Planning Tools - Nick Fedorko, WV Geological and Economic Survey

Surficial Geologic Maps for Geotechnical Audiences - William M. Andrews, Kentucky Geological Survey


Session 1

Difficulties And Suggestions When Drilling And Blasting In A KARST Environment - James T. Ludwiczak, Blasting and Mining Consultants

A New Era of Tunnel Blasting: Electronic Initiators and Geohazard Reduction - Doug Anderson: Parsons Brinckerhoff

Session 2

Geotechnical Management Systems: Data Standards - Thomas Leftchik, FHWA, Kirk Beach

Geohazard Assessment for Highway Planning: The Karst Factor - Dominick Amari, AGE Designs, Inc.; Daniel Hurst, AMEC Earth and Environmental Inc,; Harry Moore, TDOT

Rockfall Hazard Inventory Development and Maintenance: A 20 year Perspective - Michael Vierling, New York State Thruway Authority; Richard Cross & Peter Ingram, Golder Associates, Inc

Development of Landslide Susceptibility Map for the County of Summit, OH - Joseph Troxell, Michael Krokonko, Gannett Fleming; David Gilbert, Geodecisions

Session 3

The Earthquake Hazard in Kentucky: the Problems, Research, Current Assessment, and On-line Seismic Readings from the KSSMN - John Kiefer and Zhenming Wang, Geologic Hazards Section Kentucky Geological Survey

Soft Ground Tunneling through Contaminated Groundwater - Nasri Munfah and Subal Sarkar, Parsons Brinckeroff

Session 4

Glenwood Canyon Rockfall - Barry D. Siel, FHWA

Public-Private partnerships: The WV Experience - Yuvonne Cantrell, Henry Compton & Ron Krofcheck, FHWA

Old Mines Require New Thinking - Thomas E. Leftchik, FHWA


Session 5

Use of Launched Soil Nails to Stabilize Landslides in Summit County, OH - Mitchell Weber, Gannet Fleming Engineers and Architects; Greg Bachman, Summit County; Robert Barrett, Soil Nail Launcher, Inc.

Landslide Stabilization Using Micropiles, State Route 837 in Washington County, PA. - James R. James, Gannet Fleming, Inc.

A Design Model for Pile Walls Used to Stabilized Landslides - Tia Maria Richardson, Fairmont State University, WV


Session 6

The Industrial Parkway: So You Want to Build a Road in Mine Spoils - Scott Murray & Mark Litkenhus, Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott & May Engineers, Inc.

Geotechnical Design and Construction of the Pittsburgh Mills Interchange: Ancient Landslides, Rock Bolts, Soil Nails, and Geogrids, Oh My! - Paul Hale, Brian Heinzl, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Drilled Shafts for Bridge Foundation Drilled Shafts for Bridge Foundation Stability Improvement: Ohio 833 Stability Improvement: Ohio 833 Bridge over the Ohio River - Stan Harris, Eric Kistner: Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott and May Engineers, Inc.

Abutment Site Evaluation for Proposed Corridor H Bridge - Kamal Shaar, Bob Barclay, Doug Voegele, James Wang: H.C. Nutting Company


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