Technical Forum 2006





Opening Session: Mapping Utilizing GIS & GPS

Cataloging Geotechnical Projects Information on the Web - Williams Broyles (KTC)

Accessing Geotechnical Information for Geotechnical Studies in Kentucky - Matt Crawford (KGS)


Karst Potential and Development indices: Tools for mapping Karst Hazard Regions Using GIS - Randy Paylor, James Currens, Mathew Crawford (KGS)


Using Digital Technology to Collect, Manage, Interpret and Deliver Geologic Mapping Data in Kentucky - W.Andrews, Jr., S. Martin, R. Counts, M. Crawford, G. Weisenfluh (KGS)


Session 1: Geotechnical Databases

Development of an XML Schema for Geo-data - Marc Hoit (University of Florida)

How DIGGS May Benefit Geotechnical Data Collection and Use Efforts - Scot D. Weaver (Earthsoft)


Practical Considerations in Working with Data Interchange Standards(presentation, paper) - S. Caronna (gINT Software)


Resource and Asset Management through Web-Enabled GIS Database System - Robert Liang (University of Akron); Gene Geiger; Kirk Beach (ODOT).

Session 2: Water Issues

Avoiding Geohazards in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands by Using ‘Natural Stream’ Principles - by Steve Kite (WVU), Neal Carte (DOH), William Harman (Buck Eng.), Donald Gray (WVU)

Debris Flow Hazards in Western North Carolina – Some Geological, Meteorlogic and
Hydrologic Survey
by Richard Wooten, R. Latham, A. Witt (NCGS)

U.S. Geological Survey Field Investigations of Bridge Scour -Dave Mueller, Stephen T. Benedict (USGS)

Stream Gages: An Essential Tool for Avoiding Transportation Hazards -Doug Kirk (WVDOH)


Session 3: Landslides: Prediction, Prevention and Remediation

A Sinkhole Induced Landslide Along SR 111, Dunlap Tennessee: A Case Study - V. Bateman, Len Oliver (TDOT)

Slope Stability Along the North Carolina Section of the Blue Ridge Parkway - Rebecca Latham, R. Wooten (NCGS)


Innovations in Landslide and Erosion Repair by Bob Barrett (Soil Nail Launcher)


Characterization and Remediation of a Creeping Slope - Todd Swackhamer (McMahon &
Mann); Donald McMahon; James Zimmerman (NS Corp)


Session 4: Rock Reinforcement & Anchoring

Engineering Geology Challenges During Design and Construction of the Marmet Lock
- Michael Nield (USACE)

WV 2 Follansbee to Weirton Road: Evaluation of Rockfall Protection Measures and Design
of Landslide Correction Measures
- Robert L. Dodson (HDR)


Hurricane Related Landslide Repair on the Blue Ridge Parkway - Don W. Dotson (AMEC); Chris Ramsey (Richard Geottle, Inc)


Session 5: Risk & Reliability Assessment

Engineering Risk and Reliability: Application to Civil Works Infrastructure - Robert Patev (USACE)

That Slope Shouldn’t Have Failed - Pete Nix (DLZ)

Managing Risk and Reliability of an Inventory of Large and, Potentially Dangerous Civil Works Projects - Jeffrey Schaefer, Andy Harkness (USACE)


Session 6: Site Caracterization: Over Karst & AML

Replacement of Rt. 33 Bridges in Active sinkhole Environment - Silas Nichols (FHWA)

An Overview of Geophysics Use in Transportation Projects, and Geophysical Choices Specifically for Karst and Mine Investigations - Rick Hoover (SAIC)


The Maple Ridge Wind Farm Access road Design Over Unstable Soils on the Tug Hill Plateau - Martin Derby (Malcolm Pirnie); Patrick O’Rourke (Contech)

Geophysical Manual: A Practical Engineering Solution for Highway Related Problems - Khamis Haramy (FHWA); Kanaan Hanna


Delineation of Karst Groundwater Basins Along the Proposed I-66 Corridor, Pulaski
County - James C. Currens, Randall Paylor (KGS)


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