Technical Forum 2008





Opening Session: Hydrological Investigations.

In the Age of Great Innovation, a Great Oversight: Water and its Control - Benjamin S. Rivers, PE, Geotechnical Engineer, Federal Highway Administration

Details on How Pore Pressures are Generated in Slopes and Cause Landslides - Richard S. Olsen, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory (GSL) at ERDC, USCE.


Problems with Acid Rock Drainage at the Skytop Interstate-99 site in Central Pennsylvania - Arthur W. Rose, Dept. of Geosciences, Penn State University, PA


Session 2: Site Characterization for Transportation Infrastructure.

Regional curves for bankfull stream characteristics in the Appalachian Plateaus, West Virginia - by Terence Messinger, U.S. Geological Survey West Virginia Water Science Center

Landslide Problems on Appalachian Colluvial Slopes - Richard Gray, DiGioia, Gray & Associates


Generalized Skews for Calculating Peak Flows of Rural, Unregulated Streams in West Virginia, by John T. Atkins, Jr., U.S. Geological Survey West Virginia Water Science Center


Use of Acoustic Televiewer for Exploration, by Pete Ingraham, Golder Associates


Lunch Speaker: Tom Smith, Division Administrator, WV, FHWA

Session 3: Remote Sensing.

Using LiDAR to Map Sinkholes in Jefferson County, WV - John A. Young, US Geological Survey, Leetown Science Center, Leetown, WV

Image-Object Analysis for Sinkhole Inventory - Lee Stocks, WVGS.

LiDAR for Flood Mapping, Hydraulic Modeling and Stream Restoration Design - Ed Watson, Hydrologist, Canaan Valley Institute, WV

LiDAR, GIS, and Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Assess Landslide Risk, Horseshoe Run Watershed, West Virginia - Kory M. Konsoer, Department of Geology and Geography, West Virginia University,


Session 4: Extreme Geotechnical Construction.

Pittsburgh Light Rail Project, North Shore Connector, Tunnels and Station Shell - Paul Zick, P.E., North shore Contractors, Obayashi/Trumbull

Marmet Lock Replacement: Geotechnical Design and Construction Challenges - Sean Carter, USACE.


Hydrochemical Cause of Pavement Subsidence in the Cumberland Gap: Tunnel Kentucky & Tennessee - James Dinger, James Currens, Randy Paylor, R. Stephen Fisher, Kentucky Geological Survey


Geotechnical Challenges of the Lewistown Narrows Reconstruction by Brent J. Basom and Daniel S. Ramer GTSTech


Session 5: River Processes & Influence on Geohazards.

Minersville Riverbank Stabilization – A Case History by Lisa Gatens, and Seth Lyle, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District

Effects of Land Use Changes and Channelization on the Stability of Streams: A Case Study from the Shawnee Hill Country of Southern Illinois - L. Scott Eaton, Dept. of Geology and Environmental Science, James Madison University

Session 6: Subsurface Investigation Innovations.

Cone Penetrometer Testing by Mike Bailey, USACE-SAS

Sonic Drilling for Geotechnical Investigation & Construction - Steve Bratton, Boart Longyear Environment and Infrastructure.

Potential Concrete Growth Resulting from Adverse Reaction Between Cementing Material and Aggregates in Concrete by Melanie Leslie, USACE.

Long-Term Movements of Highway Bridge Approach Embankments and Pavements - Tommy C. Hopkins, Kentucky Transportation Center, University of Kentucky,


Session 7: Modeling and Simulation

Landslide Mapping and Research at the Kentucky Geological Survey - Matthew M. Crawford and William M. Andrews Jr, Geologic Mapping Section, Kentucky Geological Survey.

Soil Modeling & Slope Design using PSS Slope - Mohamed A. Ashour Ph. D., PE WVU Tech, Joe Carte PE WVDOT, Larry Douglas PG WVDOT.

3D Laser Scanning for Modeling/Monitoring Geohazards - Tom Rayburn, E.L. Robinson


Session 8: Seismic Hazard, Risk Assessment & Transportation Infrastructure Management

Liquefaction Under Embankment Dams: Back-of-the-Envelope Predictions of Deformation, Alan F. Rauch, PhD, PE, Stantec Consulting

Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessments for Bridges and Highways in Kentucky - Zhenming Wang, Issam E. Harik, Edward W. Woolery

May 12, 2008 Sichuan, China Earthquake Reconnaissance - Zhenming Wang

Risk Management in Geotechnical Decision Making - Benjamin S. Rivers, PE, Geotechnical Engineer, Federal Highway Administration

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