Technical Forum 2009



Opening Session: Landslides

Implementation of the ODOT Landslide Hazard Rating Matrix - Randy Daub

Seismic Refraction Survey near Wolf Creek Pass Along US 160, South Fork, Colorado – Jim Pfeiffer and Kanaan Hanna

Secondary Toppling and Rock Slope Failures in Tennessee - Vanessa Bateman

Tied-back Grade Beams for Stabilization of Route 7 in Jefferson Co. Ohio - Stan A. Harris

Session 2: Seismic Issues: Earthquake Damage Response and Mitigation

Ground deformation in New Madrid seismic zone great earthquakes: past and future - Roy Van Arsdale

Seismic Hazard and the Kentucky Seismic Strong Motion Network (KSSMN) - Jonathan McIntyre, Zhenming Wang, and Edward W. Woolery

Seismic Hazard Mitigation of Transportation Structures - Issam E. Harik

Lunch Speaker: Dave Harris, Kentucky Geological Survey

Session 3: Instrumentation

Embankment Load Tests On a Coal Ash Basin - Tom Pace

Wolf Creek and Center Hill Dams: Case Studies in the Value of Instrumentation - Dewayne Ponds

Instrumentation for Transportation Applications - Kenneth M. Berry

Session 4: Mapping and Information Technology

Incorporation of Seismic and Geotechnical Data Into a 3D Geologic Model of the Ohio River Valley Near Henderson, KY. - William M Andrews Jr.,

Building an Enterprise Database of Geotechnical Drillhole Records For Future Planning and Engineering Studies - Gerald A. Weisenfluh and Bill Broyles

GIS Tools and Information Sources to Help Assess the Potential For Geohazards to Transportation - Demetrio Zourarakis

Geology Along Kentucky’s Roads and Parkways - Dan Carey


Session 5: Other Geotechnical Issues in Transportation

Foundation Problems and Pyrite Oxidation In the Chattanooga Shale, Estill Co. Kentucky – Warren Anderson

Passive Treatment of Metal-Bearing Runoff/Seepage 101: An Overview of the Technologies - James J. Gusek

Problems with Pyrite or All that Glitters is not GOLD - Dan Hurst and William Spencer

Remediation of Pyritic Rock For the Interstate-99 Highway Project In Centre County - Archie Filshill

Practical Solution for a Cave Located on a School Campus in Central Kentucky - Richard Wilson


Session 6: Mine Subsidence

Investigation of the Long Term Stability of Abandoned Room and Pillar Coal Mines - Gennaro G. Marino

Applied Mine Grouting Technologies - Paul Painter and Kirk Beach.

Subsidence Misconceptions and Myths - Richard E. Gray, Robert W. Bruhn, and David L. Knott

Engineering-Geophysical Investigation of Abandoned Coal Mines Along Planned US-69 Pittsburg Bypass, Pittsburg, Kansas - Kanaan Hanna and Jim Pfeiffer


Session 7: Water Issues

I-40 Toe Scour Protection System - Joseph Bigger

Correlation of Rock Quality Designation and Rock Scour Around Bridge Piers and Abutments Founded on Rock - Tommy C. Hopkins and Tony L. Beckham

Investigations of Karst Hydrogeology as a Technique to Minimize Karst Geohazards Transportation Corridors - Jim Currens

An Un-Natural Disaster – Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Breach - Nicholas G. Schmitt


Session 8: Rockfalls

Falling Rocks - Dexter Newman

Rockfall Hazard Rating System for Railroads - Neal McCulloch and Roberto Guardia

Case Study: Widening Dead Man’s Gap - John Tomlin


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