GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

CEGAS has state-of-the-art GIS facilities for conducting funded contract work and for providing GIS training. Equipment includes high-end graphic workstations with large screen monitors, color plotter, large format scanner and printers configured on a high-speed Ethernet network. Software includes ESRI's ArcGIS, ArcView and ArcInfo, also Intergraph's GeoMedia, Bentley's Microstation and a host of related software.

Some of the GIS related contracts recently completed or in-progress at CEGAS include:

Conversion of over 60 thousand tax parcels from paper tax maps to GIS compatible formats. This included developing mapping standards, workflow methodology, training material and quality assurance techniques.

Conversion of non-compatible base map data into compatible base map data for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This conversion was based on standards set forth in the Tri-Service Spatial Data Standard TSSDS. Developed applications to speed the process and reduce human error.

Conversion of Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) data from a flat file format to a Microsoft Access format.

Mapping of 20 thousand WV state historic sites for the WV State Historic Preservation office.

Ongoing project to develop strategies for the implementation of GIS within the West Virginia Department of Transportation. Training facilities include high-end large screen monitor workstations for groups of up to 19 participants, in a specially designed training facility. Training is available for CAD and GIS software. Training will be provided by a core staff of professionals who have many years of experience successfully applying GIS technology for many applications.