Chemistry Courses

CHM 109 - Chemistry in the Home
An introduction to basic concepts of chemical science as it applies to materials commonly found within the household. Students will be expected to learn to evaluate potential hazards of such materials.
4 hours
CHM 203 - General Chemistry I
An introduction to chemical science, its development, basic concepts and interrelationships with other sciences. Intended primarily for non-science majors and B.A. degree candidates. 3 lec.
3 hours
CHM 204 - General Chemistry II
A continuation of chemistry 203 with emphasis on intro- ductory organic and biochemistry. 3 lec.
3 hours
CHM 211 - Principles of Chemistry I
A study of the properties of materials and their inter- actions with each other. Development of theories and applications of the principles of energetics, dynamics and structure. Intended primarily for science majors and pre-professional students. 3 lec.
3 hours
CHM 217 - Principles of Chem Lab I
A laboratory course that demonstrates the application of concepts introduced in Chemistry 2ll. (CR or PR: CHM 2ll)
2 hours
CHM 254 - Basic Concepts Org Chem
An intensive review of chemical principles intended to better prepare students for organic chemistry (CHM 355).
3 hours
CHM 355 - Organic Chemistry I
A systematic study of organic chemistry including modern structural theory, spectroscopy, and stereochemistry; app- lication of these topics to the study of reactions and their mechanisms and applications to synthesis. 3 lec.
3 hours
CHM 390H - Honors in Chemistry
Independent study or undergraduate research project for outstanding students.
1 to 4 hours
CHM 402 - Research for Undergrad
Students engage in a research project in collaboration with a faculty member.
4 hours
CHM 632 - Seminar
1 hour
CHM 682 - Research
Credit in the course is earned by pursuing a directed original investigation in a field of chemistry. Twelve semester hours credit in research are applied toward the M.S. degree. Students may sign for one or more credit hurs per semester depending upon the time to be spent on research. A grade of PR may be reported at the close of each term or semester.
1 to 12 hours
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