Update on the Alumni Summer Research Fellowship Endowment Campaign

We want to thank everyone who has contributed towards our campaign to endow an undergraduate summer research fellowship. We strongly believe that research is integral to the educational experience of a student. Students engaged in the research process develop analytical and critical thinking skills that are applicable to all career paths open to the chemistry major. Most students conduct their research projects during the academic year, but treating their projects as part-time endeavors partly negates the benefits. For this reason, the faculty strongly believe that full-time summer research has the greatest impact on student learning.

The following alumni have made donations to the campaign. We hope we can add your name to this list in the near future. The amount per person doesn't have to be large if enough people participate in this.

Donors as of July 1, 2010

William Alexander
Roy W. Arrick
W. Edward Billups
James H. Bockenek
R. Brian Boster
Bob & Sylvia Brammer
William Brosche
David L. Bumgarner
Steven L. Cazad
Abraham & Nancy Chadwick
Amy Christian
Melanie D. Cook
B. Scott Day
Belinda Akley DiMarcello
Charles Anthony Disapio
Eric S. Eanes
Rita Hardy

Patricia Hudgins
Marc Hutton
John M. Jushchyshyn
Heather Lloyd
Janet Weyman Lopez
Ann C. McFarland
Christopher McKeand
Danny Meadows
Elinor McDermott Miller
William Raglin
Josh and Belinda Russell
Alicia Spears
Daniel R. Steele
Joseph Vaughn
Golden F. Watts
Dr. Mildred Williams

Thirty-nine additional alumni have also made contributions anonymously.


In addition, some of our faculty have made individual donations plus the faculty is donating the royalties from a laboratory manual written by several of the faculty. Faculty contributors include:

Dr. Gary D. Anderson
Dr. Seth Bush
Dr. Rudolf Burcl
Dr. Michael Castellani
Dr. Leslie Frost

Dr. John Larson
Dr. Jaroslava Miksovska
Dr. Michael Norton
Dr. William Price
Dr. B. Scott Day
Dr. Kenneth O'Connor

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