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March 2014

Masudur Rahman, David Neff and Prof. Michael Norton published an article in Chemical Communications, titled “ Rapid, high yield, directed addition of quantum dots onto surface bound linear DNA origami arrays” on 7 March, 2014. (Chem. Commun., 2014, Volume 50, pages 3413-3416). The article describes the fabrication of long one dimensional substrates using the technique of DNA Origami. Arrays of fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles were self-assembled on these substrates.

Prof. Norton was invited to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory to address 29 high school science students from across the country who were attending the National Youth Science Camp at Green Bank, WV.  His presentation on March 8th,  titled  “Nanoscale Assembly:  Building the Future” was based on his research in creating nanostructures using DNA as a structural material.

For the month of March, the Gamma Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma has been focused on planning the East Central District Conclave which will be hosted at Marshall University this year. District Conclave will be held April 4-5 and will include various speakers such as Dr. Rakus discussing graduate school, Dr. Gary Anderson, and a faculty member from the Marshall Forensic Science Master’s program as well as others. District Conclave strives to bring together the chapters of each district to form ties between the brothers of Alpha Chi Sigma and promote the objects of the fraternity.

The Gamma Eta chapter is also planning a visit to Marshall from a group of gifted fourth grade students from a few different schools. These students will be shown a few chemistry demos and will be involved in doing some themselves to help promote science education and community outreach from our chapter.


February 2014

Alpha Chi Sigma held its Alumni Gala on February 22 to honor the graduated members of Alpha Chi Sigma in the Christian Center on Marshall's campus and included a dinner and time for the alumni and current members to socialize.

The following awards were made to faculty members at colleges and universities statewide which have local significance.

Dr. Timothy Corrigan of Concord University is receiving $125,000 for his project entitled “Incubaor: Study of the Fluorescence from Quantum Dots Coupled with Gold Nanoparticles” This is a collaborative effort, with Prof. Michael Nortonserving as his research mentor.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Grants.
These grants help colleges and universities provide summer research experiences to undergraduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

Three years of support totalling $210,000 were awarded to Prof. Michael Norton, Marshall University- for the Marshall University Undergraduate Research Experience Program: SURE


January 2014

Prof. Michael Castellani attended the Executive Board meeting of the Council on Undergraduate Research in Washington, DC on January 24-26.



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