Research Opportunities

Derrick Kolling

Chemistry of photosynthetic water oxidation and the photon-dependent assembly of the water-oxidizing catalyst. Using algae and cyanobacteria as sources for biofuel production.
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Laura McCunn

Matrix-isolation FTIR spectroscopy of radical intermediates in combustion reactions. Molecular photochemistry of halogenated hydrocarbons.
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Michael Norton

Directed Sequential Self-Assembly focusing on the use of DNA as an information rich directing element for organizing other molecular species, including metallic and semiconducting nanoparticles, proteins, molecular motors, other polymers and functionalized DNA. 
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Kenneth O'Connor

Development of new general and organic chemistry laboratory experiments for undergraduates. Synthesis of molecules of biological interest. Investigation of new pedagogical methods to increase the comprehension and engagement of students in general and organic chemistry lecture and lab classes.
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Bin Wang

Development of microfluidic devices for biological automation. RNA structural determination.
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Weiping Zeng
(Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis.
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