Science Professor Worked Abroad as Exchange Scholar During Spring 2012

Dr. Victor Fet, professor in the College of Science, spent Spring semester 2012 in Greece on exchange as a US Fulbright Scholar hosted by Dr. A. Parmakelis (University of Athens) and Dr. I. Stathi (University of Crete). He worked with both undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research projects with his hosts. In addition, Dr. Fet visited museums of natural history in Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), Athens (Greece), Sofia (Bulgaria) in spring 2012 and presented research talks there. He also presented a talk and chaired a section at the 12th ICZEGAR (International Congress on the Zoogeography, Ecology, Evolution of Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean) (Athens, June 2012) and he collaborated with international scholars from Czech Republic (Kovarik), Tunisia (N. Akkari), Canada (G. Blagoev), Bulgaria (P. Stoev) and Turkey (Yagmur), on following publications concerning fauna of Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Iran.