Graduate Field Experiences

  • Please read all the information on this page and review required forms before beginning the application process. 
  • Keep in mind that due dates for applications are now strict.

An important part of any teacher preparation program is clinical experience. Candidates in Marshall University’s special education program have the opportunity to complete this experience in the classroom under the supervision of experienced public school teachers.

There are several options available at this time, dependent upon your current position.

  • On-the-job placement is available to candidates who are current classroom teachers and meet the requirements listed below.
  • Classroom placement is similar to undergraduate student teacher and is for candidates who do not have current public school teaching assignments.
  • A summer field experience takes place in the Charleston area and is available for anyone who meets prerequisite requirements (contact Dr. Meikamp for more information).

Read the following information carefully before applying for field experiences. Applications that are not been fully completed cannot be accepted. There are a limited number of spots available each semester and we cannot hold spots for people.

To be considered eligible for graduate field experience, all candidates must:

  • Be enrolled in the special education degree or certification program,
  • Complete or concurrently take all certification coursework, and
  • Attend an orientation meeting.

Candidates who meet the following conditions may be eligible for on-the-job placement:

  • Employment in a classroom with at least ½ day contact with 4 or more students in the exceptionality area(s) covered in their permit area,
  • Permission letter from your building or county supervisor,
  • Provision of a master’s level cooperating teacher for on-site supervision.
  • The cooperating teacher must have a master’s degree, at least 3 years teaching experience, and certification in the appropriate exceptionality area, and
  • Proof of permit or eligibility in the appropriate exceptionality area.


Those candidates who require a placement must:

  • Provide proof of a negative TB test,
  • Receive approval from the West Virginia Department of Education (read Application Memo on Important Forms Page), and
  • Be available Monday through Friday during regular school hours (for 10 weeks).

 Required forms can be found on this page: Important Forms