All students who graduate from the program receive a master’s degree in special education. You must also choose an area of emphasis, which is also your certification area.

Students who wish to only pursue certification will need to complete the following coursework:

Multicategorical: CISP 520, CISP 606, CISP 607, CISP 626, CIRG 644, CIEC 534, CISP 553, CISP 645, CISP 647, and CISP 655.

Autism: CISP 520, CISP 606, CISP 607, CISP 626, CIRG 644, CIEC 534, CISP 527, CISP 662, CISP 664.

*Students in the alternative track for Multicategorical and Autism must also take EDF 616 and EDF 619.

**Students who are already certified in multicategorical, ID, BD, LD, or preschool can add the autism endorsement by taking CISP 527 and CISP 662

Gifted: CISP 520, CISP 526, CISP 601, CISP 602, CISP 626, and CISP 603.

Preschool: CISP 520, CISP 529, CISP 554, CISP 661, CISP 663, CISP 665, CISP 666, CI 632, CI 634, and CISP 673

You will find plans of study for your area of emphasis below. Each link leads to a printable form.

Autism Master’s Aug10

Autism Mast Alt Aug10

Gifted Masters Aug10

Multi-Cat Masters Aug10

Multi-Cat Masters Alt Aug10

PreSchool Mast Aug10