Praxis Core Content Exam I Information

This information is current as of 1/23/2014:

  •  Students must register for the Praxis Core at no later than three days prior to the start of the testing window.
  • All tests are computerized in the testing center.  For paper tests call Mary Ellen Beatty at 696-2292.
  • Students must bring a valid government ID with a picture and signature (i.e. Driver’s license, military ID or passport)


The PRAXIS CORE exam is given during specific testing windows.  Here are the dates the exam will be available:

  •  February 3rd – 15th
  •  April 7th – 19th
  •  May 12th – 24th
  •  July 14th – 26th
  •  August 4th – 16th

Just a reminder, the WVDE will only accept the new PRAXIS CORE Academic Skills for Educators exam from this point forward.

Students can take the combined exam with covers Reading, Writing and Mathematics for $135.  The exam number is 5751.

Or Students can take the individual exams, they are $85 each:

  •  CORE Reading — #5712                      (Qualifying score 156)
  •  CORE Writing — #5722                       (Qualifying score 162)
  •  CORE Mathematics — #5732               (Qualifying score 150)