CITE Students Participate in Annual Undergraduate Research Day

Warren Shelton
Warren Shelton

On January 26, several Marshall University Computer Science students participated in the 9th annual Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol in Charleston.

The research day took place at the Charleston Capitol rotunda. Members of the state Legislature and the executive branch were able to talk to the students who created the posters in order to better understand the importance of undergraduate research.

"I am very impressed with the level of expertise shown by our Computer Science majors at the Undergraduate Research Day. I am proud to have them represent the College and Marshall University," said Interim Dean of CITE, Dr Wael Zatar.

Thirty-two students from Marshall participated and of the nineteen student posters ten were our own Computer Science Students!





The following is a list of the Computer Science participants, along with their home counties or cities, disciplines, research posters and advisers:

  • Devin Albrecht, Cabell County (Computer Science/Information Technology), "Multimedia Web-based Lab Equipment Training and Tracking Application System" – Jonathan Thompson, adviser
  • Mark Carroll, South Point, Ohio, and Matt Ferguson, Cabell County (Computer Science/Information Technology), "RSS with TTS" – Venkat Gudivada, adviser
  • Daniel Kissel, Cabell County, and James Figler, Cabell County (Computer Science/Information Technology), "Code, Compile, and Chat Client" – Hyoil Han, adviser
  • Nitish Garg, Cabell County, and Tim Hall, Cabell County (Computer Science/Information Technology), "Spotection" – Paulus Wahjudi, adviser
  • Joseph Hall, South Point, Ohio (Computer Science/Information Technology), "Document Retrieval to Identify Evidence of Protein Roles" – Hyoil Han, adviser
  • John Lilly, Mercer County, and Cecil Rappold, Kanawha County (Computer Science/Information Technology), "MUBuddy" – Jonathan Thompson, adviser
  • Duong Thach, Cabell County, and Luu Pham, Cabell County (Computer Science/Information Technology), "An Interactive System for Personalized eLearning" – Venkat Gudivada, adviser
  • Stephen Turley, Kanawha County, and Warren Shelton, Proctorville, Ohio (Computer Science/Information Technology), "Lockout" – Hyoil Han, adviser
  • Edwin Warnick, Proctorville, Ohio (Computer Science/Information Technology), "CRES – Cyber-security Research and Education System" – Paulus Wahjudi, adviser
  • Sean Sovine, Cabell County (Mathematics and Computer Science), "The Implicational Logic" – Carl Mummert, adviser