Comparing the Development of Environmental Management Systems of Two Small Enterprises in Different Industries

By Jutarat Suknirunvong

Marshall University Graduate College

Technology Management

Comprehensive Project







Executive Summary


This paper compares the development of two industries, ABC Hotel (lodging industry)

and Marshall Industries Incorporation (fabricated metal product industry) are used as case studies. The companies’ names used in this paper are not the actual names of the companies. Names were changed at the companies’ request. The procedure for developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) with a focus on the planning phase for the two companies is described. As the two companies pertain to different industries, activities, products, and services, and therefore have different associated environmental aspects, legal and other requirements. The study finds that a key to success in the EMS development is a commitment from top management. Also, the study reveals that these two companies are not familiar with the ISO 14001 standard. Knowledge related to the EMS plays an important role in determining the environmental aspects of the companies’ activities, products, and services. Therefore, the two companies should develop and generate the EMS knowledge at an earlier stage in order to provide effective planning for the EMS. Finally, recommendations emphasize the importance of environmental knowledge and the role of an effective EMS in capturing and managing knowledge.








Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Chapter                                                                                                                                 Page
1. Introduction                                                                                                                       1
1.1. Purpose                                                                                                                 1
1.2. Objectives                                                                                                            2
1.3. Scope                                                                                                                    2
1.4. Methodology                                                                                                        2
2. EMS: An Information Management Tool                                                                       3
2.1. How to Codify Explicit Knowledge                                                              4
2.2. Environmental Information Management                                                                 5
2.3. Environmental Information Systems                                                                        5
3. Background of Environmental Management Systems                                       7
3.1. Understanding ISO 14000                                                                                         7
3.2. Understanding ISO 14001                                                                                         7

3.3. Five Requirements of ISO 14001                                                                      8

3.4. The Reasons Why Companies Seek ISO 14001 Certification                          9

3.5. Benefits and Costs of EMS                                                                     10

4. Case Studies

4.1. Case Study#1: Lodging Industry                                                                     11

4.2. Case Study #2: Fabricated Metal Products Industry                                            14

5. Procedure to Developing an EMS                                                                18

5.1. Step-by-Step Action Plan for Developing an EMS                               18

5.2. Commitment and Environmental Policy Statement                              19

5.3. Planning                                                                                                 19

6. Discussion of ABC Hotel                                                                            22

6.1. Initial Environmental Management Review                                      22

6.2. Significant Environmental Aspects                                                    22

6.3. Legal and Other Requirements                                                           23

6.4. Objectives and Targets                                                                       23

6.5 Environmental Management Program                                                24

6.6. Environmental Policy Statement                                                       26

7. Discussion of Marshall Industries Incorporation                                        27

7.1. Initial Environmental Management Review                                      27

7.2.Significant Environmental Aspects                                                  27

8. Conclusion and Recommendation                                                          29

8.1. Barriers to Success in the Development of the EMS Planning          31

8.2. Recommendation                                                                          32 References                                                                                                34

Appendix A                                                                                              36

Appendix B                                                                                               43

Appendix C                                                                                              60