Standard Operating Procedures for the 3664th Maintenance Company

Travis B. Gray





The company commander and I have maintained close contact in the revision of new SOP manual.  The original proposal was to up date the SOP manual and have it published in hardcopy form.  This approach did not meet the current trend within the military.  The Army wide directive for a paperless office required that I adjust the parameters of the project.  This adjustment moved from a hardcopy SOP manual to and electronic based manual that could be accessed by the entire military worldwide web.


The Information Technology that is available to the military makes electronically formatted SOP manuals a must in terms of operations and continuous change.  I have had to go back on countless occasions during the project and revise material and steps that have changed.  The electronically formatted SOP manual has made this process less complex and time consuming. The electronically formatted SOP manual that is presented to the College of Information Technology and Engineering  has been in use since February 2001.  During this time it became clear that establishing an electronically formatted SOP manual and making it available on-line (Wide Area Network) was the right decision.