Textbook Procedures Review for Lincoln County School

Danny S. Dailey


Executive Summary

The goal of this project was to evaluate Lincoln County’s textbook procedures and design an efficient system for tracking textbooks.  Part of the goal was to find or develop a computer program to track textbooks for Lincoln County.  The project examined the present system for tracking textbooks in Lincoln County School system and focused on areas where the tracking system either breaks down or could become more efficient.  Other school systems’ tracking procedures were examined and that information was incorporated into the project recommendations.  The present system has been in place for several years and is in need of upgrading because it does not provide accurate information on textbook inventories.


After reviewing areas of weakness and inefficiency in the present system, the paper offers recommendations on controlling accuracy and modernizing the present system.  The recommendations range from simple, such as defining a procedure, to somewhat complex recommendations like integrating new procedures and incentives to produce systemic change. Specific recommendations are using a computer program to track textbooks, hiring textbook custodians in each school, and providing incentives for better record keeping, such as a textbook fund.


The computer program will save time and increase efficiency in tracking textbooks.  School textbook custodians will provide accountability to the system and the textbook fund will provide schools an incentive to go the extra mile in collecting textbooks.