Profile: Allan Stern

Allan Stern
Dr. Allan Stern

His first try at college mostly fizzled but that was okay, because it landed him in Hawaii. He teaches safety, but he’s led a daredevil life … rocketing around on a Harley, skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, traveling to remote corners of the world and flying not one, but two airplanes he’s built. His academic journey has been anything but orthodox. He earned three degrees then went to work as an auto mechanic. He never intended to be a teacher but he’s been on the Marshall faculty for the past 34 years. And oh yes, he’s a pretty good actor as well.

His life has been full of paradoxes, but Dr. Allan Stern doesn’t mind. He’s made lemonade out of lemons so many times he could open a concession stand. Growing up in Fullerton, Calif., with dreams of becoming a marine biologist, it surely never entered his mind that one day he would land at Marshall, deep in the hills of West Virginia, where’s he’s now the chair of the Division of Applied Science and Technology in the College of Information Technology and Engineering.

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