Discover Engineering Day at the Clay Center

Marshall University Computer Science Division, together with Technology and Engineering Divisions, as well as the Rahall Transportation Institute, participated in the Clay Center’s annual Discover Engineering family fun day in Charleston on Saturday 23th February.

Discover Engineering Day at the Clay Center 2013

Cameron Knapp, 7, rides a hovercraft made from plywood and a shop vacuum as CITE student Nathan O’Kane controls the power.

Discover Engineering is sponsored by E.L. Robinson Engineering Company, Dow Chemicals, and the West Virginia University Institute of Technology.
CITE students presented hands-on activities and displays. The enthusiasm of Marshall students and their displays impressed the visiting public.
At the event, area children had the chance to ride a hovercraft, launch an Alka-Seltzer rocket and participated in events such as using science in toy-making. Fun was had by all who participated.