Summer Internship for Safety Student

Garry M. Harper, a B.S. in Safety Technology major completed an internship this summer in Winchester VA for L.E Myers Company, the oldest Subsidiary of the MYR group. He describes his internship as follows: "I have been interning with The L.E Myers Company in their large projects division. L.E. Myers is an electrical construction contractor that builds electricity transmission lines all over the United States. While there I have performed audits on daily job briefings as well as helped to develop a system to record the installation date and monthly inspection of fire extinguishers in company vehicles and equipment. Additionally, I have assisted with training and made routine visits to job sites to observe work being performed.


When asked what major things he learned while on his internship Garry responded: "A lot of things that I remember going over in class began to make a lot more sense when seeing them in use in the field. One major concept was creating a safety culture in the company, which means that everyone looks out for one another and believes that it is best to follow the rules and regulations put in place by OSHA as well as management. Also, I learned a lot about case management in the unlikely event of an injury. "

Many thanks to Garry for representing our program so well at L.E. Myers Company!