Safety Students attend National Conference


The 2013 National Safety Council Congress and Expo was held in Chicago, Illinois during the first part of October and Seven Marshall University students attended to establish contacts for internship and post-graduate job opportunities and promote the safety technology program.

Allen D. Stern, professor and chair of Marshall’s division of applied science and technology, took the seven undergraduates of Marshall’s safety technology program on an all-expense-paid trip to Chicago, Ill., to attend the annual conference.
"We made a lot of good contacts with companies who didn’t know Marshall exists or even has a program," Stern said. "That’s the biggest obstacle we’ve been facing. We’re the best kept secret."

Student participants thoughts about the conference:

Cameron Hughes "The national safety council conference was a great opportunity and greatly broadened my knowledge of the safety field. As a sophomore in the major I am really glad I attended as I am sure I am pursuing the right major for me.”

Tyler Bledsoe spoke about attending the conference: "It was very important for me to take time off from work and school to attend this NSC conference in Chicago. By attending this conference it has helped me network with safety professionals around the globe and has provided me with knowledge on new safety equipment and topics within our field."

Brett Sergent: "After attending the National Safety Council Conference, I received valuable information that can be used in the field. I learned that manufacturers are paying more attention to worker’s needs and not just trying to have the best looking product. I met people ranging from the oil and gas industry to air transportation. Everyone at the conference was there for the same reason we were; to help create a safer and more productive workplace. I really enjoyed the conference and I encourage more people to go!”


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