Tesla Industrial Hygiene Internship

Austin Davies, a B.S. in Safety Technology major, just finished a summer internship working with Tesla Motors Inc. in their new Fremont, California plant. Austin explain that he chose safety technology as a major because it is a fast growing and rewarding field with endless opportunities and positive ways to make a difference.

Austin went on to state that “working with Tesla gave him the experience of working in extremely fast paced environment with no room for error. This summer I have learned and gained priceless hands-on experience in the field of Industrial Hygiene. ”

Austin’s projects at Tesla included working with engineers to provide technical expertise on the hazards of chemicals by reviewing safety data sheets for incoming products; creating and executing air sampling projects; gaining experience on new sampling methods from NIOSH and OSHA; conducting occupational noise exposure monitoring; supporting the respirator program components and compliance; training new hires on Tesla‚Äôs hearing conservation program and updating the heat illness policy for the Fremont facility