CITE FALL 2018 Hooding Ceremony

December 13, 2018 at 5:00 PM
J. Churchill Hodges Atrium – Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex.

Welcome: Message from the Dean, Wael Zatar
History of the Academic Regalia: Dr. Anthony Szwilski
Closing Remarks: Dr. Paulus Wahjudi

Undergraduate Degree Candidates:

Aubuchon, Nolan – BS Computer Science
Miklas, Nathaniel – BS Computer Science
Murphy, Charlie – BS Computer Science
Murphy, Christopher – BS Computer Science
Taggart-Perez, Joshua – BS Computer Science
Davis, Anna – BSE Civil Emphasis
Gunnells, Kirkland – BSE Civil Emphasis
Lybrand, Andrew – BSE Civil Emphasis
O’Neal, Kyle – BSE Civil Emphasis
Page, Austin – BSE Civil Emphasis
Talipbekova, Assem – BSE Civil Emphasis
Tharp, Jared – BSE Civil Emphasis
Egnatoff, Daniel – BS Mechanical Engineering
Fischer, Kyle – BS Mechanical Engineering
McCain, Nathan – BS Mechanical Engineering
Preast, Jared – BS Mechanical Engineering
Reed, Christopher – BS Mechanical Engineering
Ferguson, Andrew – BS Safety Technology
King, Joshua – BS Safety Technology
Perry, Jacob – BS Safety Technology
Slemp, Hank – BS Safety Technology

Graduate Degree Candidates:

Alhusain, Fahad – MS Technology Management
Arnold, Nicholas – MS Technology Management
Arnold, Sarah – MS Technology Management
Hackney, Angela – MS Technology Management
Hardt, Michael – MS Technology Management
Harrison, James – MS Technology Management
McClanahan, Sarah – MS Technology Management
Nagu, Kishorekumar – MS Technology Management
Safarli, Elnur – MS Technology Management
Sharp, Mary – MS Technology Management
Baisden, Ryan – MS Environmental Science
Ma, Yiwei – MS Environmental Science
White, Logan – MS Environmental Science
Al Kaltham, Warif – MS Information Systems
Bali, Simranjeet – MS Information Systems
Jiang, Yufan – MS Information Systems
Mazhar, Anam – MS Information Systems
Morey, Aaditya – MS Information Systems
Oni, Olutola Isreal – MS Information Systems
Pasupureddy, Rasmitha – MS Information Systems
Save, Pallavi – MS Information Systems
Wu, Bujie – MS Information Systems
Goetz, Even – MS Safety Technology
McComas, John – MS Safety Technology
Owens, Jimmy – MS Safety Technology
Valiveti, Vijaya Lalita – MS Safety Technology
Bhandari, Shivani Arun – MS Computer Science
Fang, Kuo Chi – MS Computer Science
Kundeshwar, Prashant Ketan – MS Computer Science
Li, Jhihwei – MS Computer Science
Li, Xuejian – MS Computer Science
Midda, Sharon Joy – MS Computer Science
Mwinyi, Ibrahim Hussein – MS Computer Science
Patel, Damini Bhupendra – MS Computer Science
Patel, Smit Sandipkumar – MS Computer Science
Raghuvanshi, Harsh Balramsingh MS Computer Science
Zhou, Xitong – MS Computer Science
Johnson, Jeffrey – MS Engineering Management
Pakkirappana, Ashwini – MS Engineering Management
Alden, Jesse – MS Environmental Engineering
Menniti, Scott – MS Environmental Engineering
Bandaru, Shiva Ganesh – MSE Transp. & Infrastructure
Hatfield, Jan – MSE Transp. & Infrastructure
Kasumba, Robert – MSE Transp. & Infrastructure
Patel, Urvali Kamleshkumar – MSE Transp. & Infrastructure
Skiles, Matthew – MSE Transp. & Infrastructure
Lai, Mingfei – MS Mechanical Engineering
Lavu, Sai Krishna – MS Mechanical Engineering
Patel, Brijesh Dashrathbhai – MS Mechanical Engineering
Patel, Ronakkumar Bharatkumar MS Mechanical Engineering
Prajapati, Vishesh – MS Mechanical Engineering
Zhao, Yanjing – MS Mechanical Engineering

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Zatar named chair of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Student Education Committee

Dr. Wael Zatar, dean of the College of Information Technology and Engineering at Marshall University, has been named the chair of the Student Education Committee of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Zatar has been a member of the institute for 15 years and received the Distinguished Award of Fellow for outstanding contributions to the organization. Zatar was previously named the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Distinguished Educator for 2016 and received the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Educator Award in 2009.

Founded in 1954, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute is the technical institute and trade association for the precast/prestressed concrete structures industry. The institute develops, maintains and disseminates knowledge for the design, fabrication and erection of precast concrete structures and systems.

As chair of the Student Education Committee, Zatar will oversee efforts to communicate with and provide resources to faculty and students, as well as organizing educational and training sessions, workshops and competitions for students in the field. The committee also provides continuing education opportunities and resources for professors in the field.

Zatar’s term will last until 2022.

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Marshall student receives SMART Scholarship

Alex Canfield, a Marshall University sophomore, has received a National Defense Education Program SMART Scholarship. As part of the program, he will participate in a summer internship at a Department of Defense facility and receive civilian job placement after graduation with the Department of Defense.

A computer science major and Yeager Scholar, Canfield is active in research, community service and leadership.  Last summer, he worked with a research team and Dr. Paulus Wahjudi, associate professor of computer science, on the MonitOR Project—a partnership with Cabell Huntington Hospital and Marshall University that created an operating room door monitoring system.


CITE 2018 Graduate Hooding Ceremony

May 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM
J. Churchill Hodges Atrium – Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex.

Welcome: Dr. Wael Zatar, Dean, College of Information Technology and Engineering
Remarks: Secretary Thomas J. Smith, Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT)

Undergraduate Degree Candidates:

Adams, Damian – BS Computer Science
Aksenov, Aleksandr – BS Computer Science
Branard, Michael – BS Computer Science
Ching, Andrew – BS Computer Science
Davis, Christopher – BS Computer Science
Gunnels, Steven – BS Computer Science
Hoverman, Gabriel – BS Computer Science
Hughes, Benjamin – BS Computer Science
Lykins, Jason – BS Computer Science
Midkiff, Cass – BS Computer Science
Roberts, Adam – BS Computer Science
Samples, Geoffrey – BS Computer Science
Sloan, David – BS Computer Science
Staggs, Jacob – BS Computer Science
Staley, Derek – BS Computer Science
Aljaber, Fahad – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Bailey, Alexandra – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Clark, Miranda – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Davis, William – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Doughty, Austin – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Ervin, Lance – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Fadiga, Isaac – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Foreman, Benjamin – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Mason, Cody – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Mays, Andrew – BSE, Civil Emphasis
McGeehan, Cassandra – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Mitchell, Caleb – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Potter, Matthew – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Scarberry, Andrew – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Watson, Jacob – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Weekley, Blake – BSE, Civil Emphasis
Chapman, James BSME
Collins, Jonathan – BSME
Ford, Franklin – BSME
Lockard, Joshua – BSME
Lovejoy, Michael – BSME
McCormick, Zachary – BSME
O’Brien, Kayla – BSME
Salem, Zaynab – BSME
Stepp, Andrew – BSME
Stump, Patrick – BSME
Whittington, Lucas – BSME
Earl, Nathaniel – BS, Safety Technology
Pickrell, Robert – BS, Safety Technology
Warden, Amanda – BS, Safety Technology

Master’s Degree Candidates

Alkhalifa, Abdulaziz – MS Technology Management
Atkisson, Seth – MS Technology Management
Chandran, Shivaraj – MS Technology Management
Daniels, John – MS Technology Management
Hackney, Jessie – MS Technology Management
Heyliger, Philip – MS Technology Management
Jalali, Shivani – MS Technology Management
Patel, Amitkumar Kanaiyalal – MS Technology Management
Patel, Mitul Pankajbhai – MS Technology Management
Beach, Logan – MS Environmental Science
Brady, Daniel – MS Environmental Science
Dennis, David – MS Environmental Science
Roberts, Dee – MS Environmental Science
Rumboirusi, Merry – MS Environmental Science
Sopian, Yayan – MS Environmental Science
Zhai, Tianyu – MS Environmental Science
White, Logan – MS Environmental Science
Cai, Yingda – MS Information System
Mullangi, Sai Satya Sujith – MS Information System
Sali, Soham – MS Information System
Zhu, Nuo – MS Information System
Boyong Tainchua, Merlvin – MS Safety
Condry, John – MS Safety
Darby, Kenneth – MS Safety
Lockman, Noreen – MS Safety
Odum, Mark – MS Safety
Parupalli, Akhil – MS Safety
Schilling, Yvonne – MS Safety
Scottberg, James – MS Safety
Wilson, Brittany – MS Safety
York, Amanda – MS Safety
Young, James – MS Safety
Broaddus, Samuel – MS Computer Science
Celik, Yigitcan – MS Computer Science
Gao, Sichun – MS Computer Science
Gaum, Robert – MS Computer Science
Jogi, Param – MS Computer Science
Loka, Shemanth Reddy – MS Computer Science
Mahadev Naik, Tejaswini – MS Computer Science
Padmanabhasomayajula,Raghava Bharadwaj – MS Computer Science
Shah, Harsh Kamleshbhai – MS Computer Science
Singh, Simranprit – MS Computer Science
Almutairi, Abdulelah – MS Engineering Management
Chauhan, Dhanrajsinh Vijaysinh – MS Engineering Management
Ferrell, James – MS Engineering Management
Gatepradid, Tanawat – MS Engineering Management
Nasir, Muhammad- MS Engineering Management
Pelfrey, Andrew – MS Engineering Management
Rafiq, Sarmad Parvez – MS Engineering Management
Rathod, Akash – MS Engineering Management
Riggins, Joseph – MS Engineering Management
Sheikh Abu Ahmed, Mahbub – MS Engineering Management
Ta, Vu – MS Engineering Management
Thompson, Mara – MS Engineering Management
Zhang, Lei – MS Engineering Management
Harahsheh, Ahmad – MSE, Trans and Infrastructure
Thulajaram Yoganand, Sushmitha – MSE, Trans and Infrastructure
Variya, Pratik Jigarbhai – MSE, Trans and Infrastructure
Chaudhari, Tushar Manibhai – MSME
Desai, Sagar Mukeshbhai – MSME
Gurram, Bhargav – MSME
Patel, Vivek Jyotishbhai – MSME
Rachamalla, Goutham Reddy – MSME
Skeen, Clinton – MSME
Sudhekar, Audithya Krishna – MSME
Tian, Chen – MSME

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Dr. Wahjudi and Dr. Pu invited as part of Standard Setting Study

Dr. Paulus Wahjudi and Dr. Cong Pu invited as part of the Educational Testing Services Standard Setting Study

Dr. Wahjudi and Dr. Pu will join representatives from other states in the Standard Setting Study for the Computer Science Praxis. Standard setting is the methodology used to define levels of achievement or proficiency and the cut scores corresponding to those levels. It is a critical component of the test development process and representatives are chosen based of their appropriate experience and expertise to make the necessary judgments required to recommend passing scores for beginning school teachers.

For more information about standard setting process:

Dr. Haroon Malik to serve as a guest editor for the March 2019 special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal (PUC)

Dr. Haroon Malik, assistant professor in the Weisberg Division of Computer science, has been selected to serve as a guest editor for the March 2019 special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal (PUC), considered the flagship publication for Springer. The issue will focus on the theme “Pervasive Intelligence – exploiting judgement in ambient social big data”. Details at:

9th Annual Richard F. McCormick Technical Conference

The Marshall University SAME-ASCE Student Chapter would like to invite you to the 9th Annual Richard F. McCormick Technical Conference, being held on Thursday, January 26th, starting at 8:00 am.  The conference will be in Room BE5 of the Memorial Student Center as in previous years.

Professional Development Hours (PDH)

This year’s conference will offer six (6) hours of PDH credits.  Presentation topics will include (agenda subject to change):

  • West Virginia’s First ABC Deck Replacement Project (Bill Manuel, P.E. & Jerry V. Elkins II, P.E., HNTB, Scott Depot WV)
  • The Redevelopment of the Charleston Civic Center (ZMM Architects & Engineers, Charleston WV)
  • Innovative Products, Technology, Design, & Construction Methods:  Ethical & Legal Considerations for Engineers (Betsy E. Dulin, P.E. Esq., Coates & Davenport, P.C., Richmond VA)
  • June 2016 West Virginia Flood: Hydrologic Modeling and USACE Project Operation (James Schray, P.H., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District)
  • Seepage Concerns at Lake White Dam Prompts Emergency Response (Robert J. Kirkbride, P.E., Stantec, Columbus OH)
  • Mosul Dam Emergency Grouting (Kenneth L. Woodard, P.E. P.M.P., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District)

The SAME-ASCE Student Chapter will supply a certificate for those attending the full day of conference activities. This certificate will indicate that this conference contained contact time that should satisfy six (6) Professional Development Hours. Please note that the WV State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers has final approval of all Professional Development Hours used for license renewal by professional engineers.

Registration/Payment & Refund Policy

We are pleased to offer online registration for the first time this year.  In addition, payments can now be accepted using credit/debit cards (checks and money orders are also accepted).  Registration will include a light continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, give-a-ways & door prizes!  If you have special dietary needs, please indicate them in the registration form.  If you wish to cancel your registration, you must do so by Friday, January 20th in order to receive a refund.  Note that, after January 20th, attendee substitutions will be permitted if you cannot attend.

Click HERE to begin registration

Click HERE to download agenda

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference.  Please feel free to forward this email to any engineer that may be interested in attending this year’s conference.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact either myself or our student chapter president, Logan Stacks (

Dr. Paulus Wahjudi to serve on the Educational Testing Service National Advisory Committee

The Educational Testing Service National Advisory Committee plays an importantdw_s role in providing expert input into the development process for the Praxis tests. ETS selects a group of approximately 12 – 15 educators from the nominees provided by the states to form a committee that is diverse with respect to gender, race and ethnicity, geography, instructional setting, and experience. The NAC will work closely with ETS assessment specialists to develop test specifications and test designs. NAC members may also be invited to write and/or review questions at a later date.

More information about Praxis testing:

Tesla Industrial Hygiene Internship

Austin Davies, a B.S. in Safety Technology major, just finished a summer internship working with Tesla Motors Inc. in their new Fremont, California plant. Austin explain that he chose safety technology as a major because it is a fast growing and rewarding field with endless opportunities and positive ways to make a difference.

Austin went on to state that “working with Tesla gave him the experience of working in extremely fast paced environment with no room for error. This summer I have learned and gained priceless hands-on experience in the field of Industrial Hygiene. ”

Austin’s projects at Tesla included working with engineers to provide technical expertise on the hazards of chemicals by reviewing safety data sheets for incoming products; creating and executing air sampling projects; gaining experience on new sampling methods from NIOSH and OSHA; conducting occupational noise exposure monitoring; supporting the respirator program components and compliance; training new hires on Tesla’s hearing conservation program and updating the heat illness policy for the Fremont facility