Jeffrey Nimmo Named Director of Huntington VA Center


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the appointment of Jeffrey Brian Nimmo as director of the Huntington VA Medical Center.

In his new role, Nimmo will oversee the daily operations of this fully accredited 80-bed acute care facility, which provides medical and surgical inpatient care, in addition to primary and specialized outpatient care.

Nimmo received a master’s degree in 1999 from Marshall University.


More details in the Herald-Dispatch announcement

Computer Science Education Week

President Obama helped to launch Computer Science Education Week with a message posted on YouTube. “If we want America to stay on the cutting edge, we need young Americans like you to master the tools and technology that will change the way we do just about everything. Don’t just buy a new video game – make one. Don’t just download the latest app – help design it. Don’t just play on your phone – program it”

Safety Students attend National Conference


The 2013 National Safety Council Congress and Expo was held in Chicago, Illinois during the first part of October and Seven Marshall University students attended to establish contacts for internship and post-graduate job opportunities and promote the safety technology program.

Allen D. Stern, professor and chair of Marshall’s division of applied science and technology, took the seven undergraduates of Marshall’s safety technology program on an all-expense-paid trip to Chicago, Ill., to attend the annual conference.
“We made a lot of good contacts with companies who didn’t know Marshall exists or even has a program,” Stern said. “That’s the biggest obstacle we’ve been facing. We’re the best kept secret.”

Student participants thoughts about the conference:

Cameron Hughes “The national safety council conference was a great opportunity and greatly broadened my knowledge of the safety field. As a sophomore in the major I am really glad I attended as I am sure I am pursuing the right major for me.”

Tyler Bledsoe spoke about attending the conference: “It was very important for me to take time off from work and school to attend this NSC conference in Chicago. By attending this conference it has helped me network with safety professionals around the globe and has provided me with knowledge on new safety equipment and topics within our field.”

Brett Sergent: “After attending the National Safety Council Conference, I received valuable information that can be used in the field. I learned that manufacturers are paying more attention to worker’s needs and not just trying to have the best looking product. I met people ranging from the oil and gas industry to air transportation. Everyone at the conference was there for the same reason we were; to help create a safer and more productive workplace. I really enjoyed the conference and I encourage more people to go!”


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Computer Science Student receives $500 prize in statewide competition

During Shawn Cheeks summer research experience, he developed a prototype of a mobile weather app. Shawn explains,
“I spent my summer in Boulder, Colorado as an intern at Unidata – a software engineering division of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).  As a weather geek and a computer science major, I was looking for an internship that could combine my experience gained as a student with my passion for weather.  Unidata was perfect for this, as they create software and manage data specifically for researchers in the atmospheric sciences.

Once I arrived in Boulder and met with the fellow software engineers at Unidata, I discovered that one of the leading factors in the decision to bring me on for the summer was because I had experience in mobile application development, which was a field in which they were looking to expand.  As such, I was asked to create a proof-of-concept Android application that would access some of their data products, which I was able to do.

Meanwhile, I was able to work inside an actual software engineering branch of a major research lab, meet leading scientists, engineers, and fellow students in the atmospheric science field, tour graduate schools and meet with professors, and experience a different part of the country.  I believe this opportunity has made me not only a better programmer and scientist, but a better person as a whole.”

Read the full article at Unidata website:


Summer Internship for Safety Student

Garry M. Harper, a B.S. in Safety Technology major completed an internship this summer in Winchester VA for L.E Myers Company, the oldest Subsidiary of the MYR group. He describes his internship as follows: “I have been interning with The L.E Myers Company in their large projects division. L.E. Myers is an electrical construction contractor that builds electricity transmission lines all over the United States. While there I have performed audits on daily job briefings as well as helped to develop a system to record the installation date and monthly inspection of fire extinguishers in company vehicles and equipment. Additionally, I have assisted with training and made routine visits to job sites to observe work being performed.


When asked what major things he learned while on his internship Garry responded: “A lot of things that I remember going over in class began to make a lot more sense when seeing them in use in the field. One major concept was creating a safety culture in the company, which means that everyone looks out for one another and believes that it is best to follow the rules and regulations put in place by OSHA as well as management. Also, I learned a lot about case management in the unlikely event of an injury. “

Many thanks to Garry for representing our program so well at L.E. Myers Company!

Welcome Dr. Iyad Hijazi

Welcome Dr. Iyad Hijazi as an Assistant Professor in Engineering.
Dr. Iyad Hijazi received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University. His Masters research was in the area of Computer Aided Design. On completion of his Masters degree he worked in industry for over ten years. He then returned to New Mexico State University where he earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with research in the area of Computational Nanomaterial. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Georgia Institute of Technology, and served as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia.
During his Postdoctoral research at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Hijazi investigated adsorption and diffusion of small molecules in nanocrystalline materials, and explored the influence of framework flexibility on adsorption and diffusion in small-pore zeolite materials used as gas separation membranes. Dr. Hijazi employs atomistic modeling techniques to probe for nanomaterial with unique properties. He conducted extensive empirical and first principle studies of metallic nanoclusters and alloys. His research has been published in a number of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals.
Dr. Hijazi’s office is located in Weisberg Engineering Lab EL109A and can be contacted via email at

Engineering Laboratories Used for Summer Workshops for High School Teachers


Several faculty and administrators from three WV high schools attended a two week workshop to receive specialized training for a series of new energy and power high school courses. The workshop, coordinated by Dr. Richard Begley an engineering faculty member, included the hands on training for bench top laboratory experiments integrated with LabView data acquisition and analysis hardware and software. The experiments included the construction and monitoring of an electrical motor, wind and water turbines in addition to a heat exchanger. Workshops are also being planned for additional schools from WV and other states next summer.

From left to right,
1. John Winston, Assistant Principal Lewis County High School – standing
2. Tim Beasley, Kanawha County Schools, Ben Franklin Technical Center – seated
3. Dustin Cogar, Lewis County, Lewis County High School – seated
4. Mark Smith, Teacher Lewis County High School – standing

CITE Professors Win Award


gsawardDr. Gudivada and Dr. Szwilski won the prestigious Marshall University Distinguished Artists and Scholars award (Team Category) for 2012 – 13 cycle.

To qualify for Distinguished Service Awards, persons must have at least 20 years of service at Marshall University, a record of distinguished service to the university and/or college, and a record of distinguished teaching as evidenced by peer, administrative and/or student evaluations.

Congratulations to Dr. Gudivada and Dr. Szwilski for this accomplishment and an award well deserved.

Engineering Student Wins Prestigious Marr Technical Paper Competition


Gerald A. Rowe, II, a senior in Marshall’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering program, has won the Robert A. Marr, Jr., Technical Paper competition at the 2013 “Virginias Conference” sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers.  The annual Marr paper competition – which includes submissions from universities throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. – features written descriptions of student research related to various aspects of civil engineering practice.

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