Where Is the Administration?

Two administrative offices are maintained by the College of Information Technology and Engineering – 112 Gullickson Hall and another in the Academic Building on the South Charleston campus.

Where Is My Class?

The College of Information Technology and Engineering uses several classrooms and facilities on both the Huntington and South Charleston campuses.

In Huntington, classes are currently held in many buildings such as Gullickson Hall, home of CITE’s Huntington administrative offices,Communications Building, where the Safety programs are based, Smith Hall, and Harris Hall.
In South Charleston, CITE meets in classrooms in the Administration Building and the Robert C. Byrd Academic and Technology Center.

Here is a general map of the first floor of Gullickson. CITE Administrative offices are along the South (right) side of the map in rooms 109-114.


In the map above Third Avenue is to the left and the Henderson Center joins Gullickson behind the fitness center.On the second floor of Gullickson Hall, CITE uses room 206A which is also the Environmental Management Incubator facility. The EMI room is located on the South side of Gullickson directly above the CITE offices.