Engineering Management (EM) Course Descriptions

  • 620 Management of Technical Human Resources and Organizations. 3 hrs.

Principles leading to better management and development of technical human resources and organizations. Included are concepts technical managers need to change themselves positively and to lead others toward desired behaviors.

  • 646 Operations Research I. 3 hrs.

Examination of the methodology of operations research, including linear programming, transportation methods, network flows, economic analysis, decision analysis, queuing theory and simulation.(PR: ENGR 610)

  • 647 Operations Research II. 3 hrs.

A continuation of EM 646 including an introduction to sensitivity and parametric analysis in linear programming, integer programming, nonlinear programming, dynamic programming, reliability theory, and inventory control. (PR: EM 646)

  • 650-653 Special Topics. 1-4 hrs.

Study of special topics of an advanced nature. (PR: Consent)

  • 660 Project Management. 3 hrs.

Provides the student with a practical knowledge of how to integrate effectively the functional efforts of many in the execution of programs and projects.

  • 661 Advanced Project Management. 3 hrs.

Course is designed to increase proficiency in the advanced aspects of project management. Participants will become aware of all the project management processes in PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge. (PR: EM 660)

  • 664 Management of Research & Development Organizations. 3 hrs.

Techniques and methods for effective management of research and development organizations, projects, and personnel. (PR: EM 601)
665 Management of Engineering Organizations. 3 hrs.
Techniques and methods for effective management of engineering firms, departments, and personnel. (PR: EM 601)

  • 668 Operations Management. 3 hrs.

Examination of the quantitative and conceptual tools for generating goods and services in manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations.

  • 670 Seminar in Engineering Management. 3 hrs.

Provides the student an opportunity to examine issues in engineering management and to evaluate their consequences in organizations, in the profession, and in society. (PR: Consent)

  • 675 Engineering Economics. 3 hrs.

The concepts and methods for the financial calculations involving time value of money and uncertainty. Capital and departmental budgeting processes and engineering inputs to cost accounting. (PR: Consent)

  • 694 Engineering Law. 3 hrs.

The American legal system, contracts and specifications, liability of professional engineers, product liability, agency relationships, patent and proprietary rights, and special problems in contracts are studied.