Information Systems (IS) Course Descriptions

  • 600 Management Information Systems. 3 hrs.

The course examines personal, work group, and enterprise information systems with respect to their value, their components, and the processes of developing them.

  • 605 Systems Analysis Techniques. 3 hrs.

Introduction to information systems from system implementor’s viewpoint; information systems life cycle; techniques of analysis; data dictionaries and data flow diagrams; computer-oriented system description. (PR: Admission to program)

  • 610 Systems Design. 3 hrs.

Physical design of information systems; hardware selection; software design, database considerations; program development; software structuring techniques; cost/ performance trade-offs; system implementation; evaluation and optimization techniques. (PR: IS 605)

  • 621 Information Structures I. 3 hrs.

Representation and manipulation of numeric and non-numeric information, linear lists, strings, multilinked structures; sorting and searching; storage management; data structures in programming languages. Relevant aspects of discrete mathematics. (PR: IS 510 or equivalent)

  • 622 Information Structures II. 3 hrs.

A continuation of IS 621. Tree, graph, and set structures; file structures for secondary storage; aspects of discrete mathematics. (PR: IS 621)

  • 623 Database Management. 3 hrs.

Review of information structures and of relationships among data elements and objects. Relational database theory; design and organization of databases, retrieval structures, and query mechanisms. (Prerequisite: IS 622 or consent)

  • 624 Data Warehousing. 3 hrs.

A hands-on introduction to the concepts and techniques of data warehousing and data mining. (PR: IS 623 or instructor’s permission)

  • 631 Information Security. 3 hrs.

This course provides foundation knowledge in information security, including protecting information assets, risk mitigation strategies, response to security incidents, and designing secure systems. (PR: IS 600, 620, 656, 610)

  • 635 Computer Graphics. 3 hrs.

An introduction to the areas of computer graphics that are necessary to understand, evaluate, and develop graphics applications. (PR: Admission to program)

  • 645 Geographic Information Systems. 3 hrs.

Covers the elements of GIS hardware, software, data and infrastructure needs. Input data issues; data types, sources, error, preprocessing, manipulation and analysis, GIS tools and applications. (PR: Consent)

  • 646 Computer Systems Security. 3 hrs.

This course is designed to provide the technical and analytical skills to implement computer security. Students review how to manage computer security, current security technologies, and incident response. (PR: IS 656 and instructor permission)

  • 647 IT Disaster Planning & Recovery. 3 hrs.

This course provides the skills necessary to manage IT disaster recovery planning. The course focuses on the protection of information. Students will analyze risk, design a plan and explore available technologies.(PR: instructor permission)

  • 650-653 Special Topics. 1-4 hrs.

Occasional offerings of current topics in information systems, providing important supplementary material for participating students.

  • 655 Multimedia and Electronic Information Dissemination. 3 hrs.

Components of multimedia, such as data, voice, pictures, animations, and videos, and their production, manipulation, dissemination processes. Technologies, processes, and services for electronic dissemination. Applications and current trends. (PR: TM 660 or permission)

  • 656 Communication and Network Technologies. 3 hrs.

Different transmission media, digital communications, telecommunications services, types of networks and topologies, network protocols, components, and applications. (PR: IS 622, or TM 660, or permission)

  • 680 Social Issues in Information Systems. 3 hrs.

Aspects of the interaction of computer systems and society including such topics as system security, respect of privacy, changing job requirements, ergonomics, and moral and ethical considerations. (PR: completion of core, or consent of instructor)

  • 685-88 Independent Study. 1-4 hrs.

An approved study of special interest concerning information systems that is appropriate for the student’s program of study. Carried out under the supervision of a faculty member.