Technology Management (TM) Course Descriptions

  • 600 Program Introduction Seminar. 1 hr.

This course reviews fundamental mathematical and statistical methods, presentations, report writing, group project skills, and use of case studies. An orientation and overview to the degree program are also provided. (PR: Full Admission to TM program, or permission of TM Program Director)

  • 610 Technology and Innovation Management. 3 hrs.

Provides a comprehensive introduction to technology and innovation management. Considers issues relating to international markets, innovation, and rapidly changing technology. Also covers effective organizational and managerial approach to technology. (PR: Full Admission to TM program, or permission of TM Program Director)

  • 612 Economic and Financial Analysis for Technology Management. 3 hrs.

Tools and techniques for financial analysis, cost estimation, budgeting, and control, for technology-oriented projects and organizations. Includes financial statements, economic analysis, reporting, and life-cycle costing and control principles. (PR: CITE majors only or permission)

  • 615 Information Technology Strategies. 3 hrs.

This course provides sound principles for managing information technology-computers and telecommunication systems – as well as the processes and procedures for applying the principles. (PR: CITE majors only or permission)

  • 620 Technology Planning. 3 hrs.

Methods of technology planning, strategic management, and forecasting for use in technology intensive organizations are discussed, including technology life cycles and strategies for commercializing products.

  • 630 Quality and Productivity Methods. 3 hrs.

Study of quality and productivity improvement methods with emphasis on applications to knowledge worker organizations. Examines total quality management, and personal and organizational productivity improvement processes. (PR: CITE majors only or permission)

  • 640 Intelligent Transportation Systems. 3 hrs.

Overview of transportation telemetrics and introduction to intelligent transportation systems. Communications and computing technologies in transportation. Overview of issues: traffic safety, public transportation.

  • 650-653 Special Topics. 1-4 hrs.

Occasional offerings of current topics in technology management, providing important supplementary material for participating students. (PR: Full Admission to TM program or permission of TM Program Director)

  • 660 Computing and Information Systems Technologies. 3 hrs.

Provides a broad understanding of computing and information systems technologies with emphasis on development, current trends, strategic and tactical management, and legal and regulatory issues. (PR: TM 615 concurrent.)

  • 664 Health Informatics. 3 hrs.

Introduction of various aspects of medical informatics, including medical literature search and retrieval, management and analysis of data, modeling and simulation, data communications, on-line databases, and clinical decision analysis. (PR: TM 615)

  • 667 Modern Manufacturing Concepts. 3 hrs.

The course covers modern manufacturing concepts, analysis, and tools such as Just-In-Time, MRP systems, Lean Manufacturing, inventory management, total quality manufacturing, factory physics, and operating and control philosophies. (PR: TM 610 concurrent)

  • 668 Computer Integrated Manufacturing. 3 hrs.

The course covers computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and computerized process support tools for increasing productivity in manufacturing.

  • 685-688 Independent Study. 1-4 hrs.

An approved study of special interest concerning technology management, under the supervision of a faculty member. (PR: Full Admission to TM program, or permission of TM Program Director)

  • 699 Capstone Project. 3 hrs. S/U.

An individualized technology management capstone project, which will be planned and carried under the supervision of a faculty member.