Members:                    Tyson Lipscomb
Advisor:                       Professor Joe Fuller
Project Description: StatGraph is a designed to aid students in statistic classes by providing a visual representation of the distribution chart that can be configured based on the various parameters. StatGraph is developed utilizing the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).


Members:                    Zach Brumfield
Advisor:                       Professor Joe Fuller
Project Description: LoadOBJ is a generic library developed to load OBJ files that are commonly used in computer graphical designs. The library allows developers to incorporate designs and graphical components in an OBJ format to be included in various type of application (LoadOBJ are GLUT compatible). The creation of LoadOBJ allows the flexibility to design graphical models through various applications such as Blender and 3D Studio, export the model into an OBJ file and then incorporate the model into their custom application.

WMUL Log 2010

Members:                    Michael Stanely
Advisor:                       Dr. Venkat Gudivada
Project Description: The WMUL LOG 2010 is a program developed for Marshall University radio station WMUL. The system designed to fulfill the management of radio broadcasting daily activities. Similar commercial systems are costly sometimes requires periodical licensing which is not always feasible for smaller radio stations and tend to be ridden with overly complicated features. WMUL Log 2010 is developed as a lightweight and robust system that focuses on providing fundamental and crucial features needed in the day to day operation of a radio station.


Members:                    Brain Lester, Corey Schafer
Advisor:                       Dr. Paulus Wahjudi
Project Description: MUMobileApps is an Android application developed to provide students with knowledge regarding the Marshall campus. The app contains the map of the campus along with pertinent information such as general building information, building code, wireless coverage, etc in an interactive display utilizing Google Maps as the underlying view.