Members (From Left): James Ferris, Will Edwards
Advisor: Professor Joe Fuller
Sponsor: CoRE-NET
Project Homepage: FerrisEdwards
Project Description: Our project, titled Anatomy3 (Anatomy Cubed), will make use of a device called a Cubee in order to display a 3D simulation of various anatomical structures… Read more

Project TP

Members (From Left): Patrick Stewart, Todd McClure
Advisor: Dr. Venkat Gudivada
Sponsor: Drs. Rick and Anita Gutierrez
Project Homepage: McClure
Project Description:Drs. Rick and Anita Gutierrez are working among the Indian and Zulu people of South Africa offering free health clinics, testing the carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT)… Read more

Project Marcus

Members (From Left): Josh Wassum, Ryan Whorton, Sean Staley
Advisor: Professor Joe Fuller
Project Homepage: Whorton
Project Description:The Android platform makes up 33% of the current United States cellular phone market and is continually growing… Read more

AFB Tech

Members (From Left): William Reuschel
Advisor: Dr. Paulus Wahjudi
Sponsor: American Foundation for the Blind
Project Homepage: Reuschel
Project Description: The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is a non-profit organization tasked with enabling blind and visually impaired people to achieve equality and access… Read more

Time Tracker 2.0

Members (From Left): Sarah Mercier
Advisor: Dr. Venkat Gudivada
Sponsor: Strictly Business Computer Systems
Project Homepage: Mercier
Project Description: Strictly Business Computer Systems currently hosts a web application on their own servers that employees and staff use to log their time… Read more


Members (From Left): Alisha Ord, Mary Heath
Advisor: Dr. Venkat Gudivada
Sponsor: Campus Crusade for Christ International
Project Homepage: Pink Angels
Project Description: In a world of growing technology, there is a need for some sort of mobile application to aid people… Read more

Huntington Nightlife

Members (From Left): ATyler Williams, Anthony Bahor, Jordan Scott, and Mannie Iroanya (Not Pictured)
Advisor: Professor Joe Fuller, Dr. Paulus Wahjudi
Sponsor: Fat Patty’s and other local Huntington Businesses
Project Homepage: Huntington Night Life
Project Description: There are many bars and clubs in Huntington, but there is not one specified location to find the daily specials or events that may be occurring… Read more

Cyber Security Farm

Members (From Left): Jacob Bills, Ryan Frampton, Josh King
Advisor: Dr. Paulus Wahjudi
Sponsor: CoRE-NET
Project Homepage: Frampton
Project Description: Due to the increasing security threats with new and existing technologies, there is a severe need for cyber security experts… Read more