Meet Cassandra


Cassandra Drown

Huntington, WV

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Civil Emphasis.


1. Why did you choose Engineering as your major?
I grew up playing with my older brother’s Legos, blocks, and trains. When we were kids, I would build elaborate tracks for his wooden trains and as soon as I was done he would play and I would go find something else to do. To me, building was the fun part.

2. When did you decide you wanted to pursue that major?
A month before the fall semester of my freshman year began, I changed my major to Engineering. I was going to pursue a degree in English but I went to a camp that emphasized Engineering and loved it.

3. What influenced your decision?
My father works for the US Army Corps of Engineers as a geologist, so I was familiar with Civil Engineering from a young age. Most of my influence came from various camps I went to in high school and from two of my teachers.

4. Why did you choose to attend Marshall University?
Marshall University provided a unique opportunity with the Engineering degree they offered. If I had chosen to do so, I could have transferred to West Virginia University to pursue Engineering disciplines not offered at Marshall. Originally that was my plan but as I have progressed in my degree, I have decided to stay here and become a civil engineer. This Engineering department offers what a lot of colleges and other majors at Marshall cannot. I know my professors and fellow students (those older and younger). I see and talk to them daily. This department is my home. Not to mention, both of my grandmothers are avid Marshall fans and one threatened to disown me when I vaguely mentioned transferring.

5. What has been your favorite Engineering class as a student and why?
Statics has been my favorite class thus far. It is the first real Engineering class you take in my opinion. What I learned in this class, I have used almost daily in other Engineering and major required courses.

6. What do you plan to do after graduation?
I’m not sure yet. I’m a sophomore so I have a little time. I’ve been thinking of working for the US Army Corps of Engineers, then coming back to Marshall to get my Master’s degree.