Traffic Analytical System

Members: Jeremy Hall

Advisor: Dr. Paulus Wahjudi

Project Homepage: Project Homepage

Traffic Analysis System (TAS) is being developed in order to provide traffic engineers with a flexible and efficient web based tool to analyze the efficiency of traffic lights at intersections while maintaining user friendliness.
Data is recorded by multiple sensors at each intersection and then stored in a database. Traffic events that are recorded include but are not limited to light changes, pedestrian signals, and vehicle arrivals. As you may imagine the database that stores this information is quite sizeable and continues to grow as time goes on. When you couple the database’s size with the complexity of the data it is a daunting task to analyze the data in an efficient way.
In order to achieve friendliness and efficiency, TAS uses google maps to plot markers at all intersections that are specified by a database. Clicking on one of these markers will give access to various reports that will help the traffic engineer analyze the data in an efficient and effective manner.