Classics Department
Marshall University

Maier Latin Scholarship

The Department of Classical Studies offers a scholarship for Latin majors enrolled in either the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Education. Here are the guidelines:

Any student enrolled in Latin 204 or higher level of Latin at Marshall University with the declared intention of majoring in Latin at Marshall University. Students who are seeking a second B.A. degree from Marshall or who have already been graduated but are working toward teaching certification in Latin are also eligible to apply.

The total amount will be $2,000: $1,000 to be paid at the beginning of the fall semester and $1,000 at the beginning of the spring semester of the freshman year, providing the student earns at least a B in the fall semester advanced Latin and otherwise remains eligible for the scholarship.

The faculty of the Department of Classical Studies at Marshall in consultation with the Admissions personnel at Marshall.

Each applicant must submit the following materials: 1) a brief essay (approximately 250 words) which explains the applicant’s reasons for majoring in Latin and future academic and professional plans; 2) a current, official copy of the applicant’s Marshall transcript and of any transcript from any other college/university at which the applicant studied Latin; 3) an application form available from the Department of Classical Studies completed by the applicant.

All materials listed above must be sent to Dr. Christina Franzen, Interim Chair, Department of Classical Studies, Marshall University, Huntington, WV 25755 and must be received by 1 April.

If you want more information about this aspect of Marshall’s Classics program, please email us at