Upcoming semesters 


Here’s what we have on tap this summer:

(.docx here: Classics Summer 2014)


Classical Studies Department

2014 Summer Classes



CL 230- Greek & Roman Epic-HH446-MWTWRF-1-3:15pm- Wimmer

CL 232 -Greek & Roman Drama-Online Class- Franzen


Summer ii

CL 232-Greek & Roman Drama-Online Class- Franzen

CL 234-Greek & Roman Poetry-HH446-MTWRF-1-3:15pm- Wimmer

CL 319-Classical Mythology-Online Class- Perkins


Summer iii

CL 231-Women in Greek & Roman Literature-online class- Chrol

CL 236-Murder in the Ancient World-Online class- Perkins

And here’s our offerings for Fall: