AOL Task Force Members Dates of Service Area(s) of Responsibility
Ivan Muslin

Management, HRM

Fall 2011- AOL Director
Harlan Smith:

Economics; Head of Division of Finance & Economics

2004-Spring 07; Fall 2008 AOL Director; Operations Manager for BBA AOL Program
David Spudich:

Management & Entrepreneurship

Summer 2010- Management Rep; MBA-level Written Communications Assessment
Rex McClure:


2004- Marketing Rep; Critical Thinking; College rep on the University   Assessment Committee
Jean Price:


Fall 2007- Accounting Rep
Marie Archambault:


2004-06; 2009- Accounting AOL Coordinator
Uday Tate:

Marketing; Director of EMBA/MBA Programs

2004-06; Fall 2008-Spring 2011 Since Fall 2008: Coordinator for MBA Cluster AOL Program; Operations   Manager for EMBA AOL Program
Shane Tomblin:


2008/09; Nov 2010- Aug 2011 Since November 2010: Operations Manager for Regular MBA AOL Program
Suneel Maheshwari:


Nov 2010- Operations Manager for India MBA AOL Program
Alberto Coustasse:

Health Care Administration (HCA)

Fall 2008- Operations Manager for MSHCA AOL Program
Margie McInerney:

HRM; Head of the Division of Management, Marketing, and MIS

Summer 2011- Operations Manager for MSHRM AOL Program
Andrew Sikula:

Associate Dean for Academic Programs

2004- Chair, Accreditation Maintenance Committee
Robin McCutcheon:


Fall 2011- Economics Rep; Critical Thinking
Robert Rexroad:

Graduate Assistant

Fall 2012- Graduate Assistant for AOL Program
Elizabeth Reusch


Fall 2011- Operations Manager for BBA