The following policies are applicable to all courses taught in the College of Business.  It is the responsibility of the students to read and understand these policies. If you have any questions, contact your instructor.

COB Prerequisite Policy

All Students will have completed the prerequisites listed for this course. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and meet all course prerequisites. By remaining in the course beyond the regular registration period, the student certifies that he/she has met all prerequisites. Students registered for courses without having met the prerequisites will be considered to have committed Academic Dishonesty as defined by the Marshall University Student Handbook.  Sanctions may range from a grade of F in the course for which the student has not met the prerequisites up to suspension from the university.  The dean’s office reserves the right to withdraw students administratively from courses if the prerequisites have not been met.

COB Email Policy

Any email sent to you concerning this course will be sent to your Marshall email account.  These accounts do not hold a lot of mail so it is your responsibility to keep yours cleaned out.  Any message you miss because of insufficient room in your mailbox is YOUR problem and could have a negative effect on your grade.


Marshall University Policy for Students with Disabilities

Marshall University Academic Dishonesty Policy

Marshall University Nondiscrimination Policy

Marshall University Inclement Weather Policy

Marshall University Computer Acceptable Use Policy IT- 1 Info Tech Acceptable Use.pdf