Equipment Reservation Form


The College of Education Information Technology Support Team provides high-end customer support including, but not limited to hardware/software installations, troubleshooting, specialized software support, peripheral support, equipment consultation, training, web site creation and maintenance. We provide support to faculty and staff on the Huntington campus.

  • Each time you contact us for your equipment needs, you will use the online form below to make your request. All equipment requests are sent directly to the Director of the Learning Resources Center.
  • Please attempt to request your equipment a minimum of three (3) working days prior to when the equipment is needed.
  • You will receive an e-mail message from the Director upon submitting your request. You will receive subsequent e-mail messages throughout the resolution process.
  • If additional information is needed at any point during the process, you will be contacted via telephone.

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Contact Information

Director, Learning Resources Center
Marshall University College of Education
Jenkins Hall 101, 1 John Marshall Dr
Huntington, WV, 25755
Voice: 304-696-4896
Fax: 304-696-6221