Leadership Studies Programs


Graduate Programs in Leadership Studies include the Master of Arts degree, the Education Specialist degree, the Doctor of Education degree, and several graduate certificates. Students pursuing the Master of Arts may choose from four concentrations:  Educational Leadership (Principal Licensure), Higher Education, Non-Profit & Public Agency, and Justice Leadership.  The Educational Specialist degree is offered in Community College Administration and Public School / Higher Education Administration. The Doctor of Education degree can be pursued in Community College Administration, Higher Education Administration, and Public School Administration.  Please see program descriptions for further information.  If you are interested in applying for admission, please contact Tammy Jones (MA, Ed.S, Certificate programs), Barbara Norvell (Doctor of Education Programs) or Dr. Michael Cunningham.


Contact Information

Dr. Michael Cunningham – Program Director
Phone: (304) 746-1912
email: mcunningham@marshall.edu


Tammy Jones – Program Secretary (Leadership Studies)
Phone: (304) 746-2514
email: jonesta@marshall.edu


Barbara Norvell – Program Secretary
Phone: (304) 746-2027
email: norvell7@marshall.edu


Dr. Dennis Anderson
Phone: (304) 746-8989
email: andersond@marshall.edu
Program Coordinator:  Leadership Specialist, Ed.S. in Education (Leadership Studies & Community College Administration), Ed.D. (Higher Education & Community College Administration), M.A. (Higher Education Administration)


Dr. Eugenia Damron
Phone:  (304) 746-8959
email: webb24@marshall.edu
Program Coordinator: Social Services and Attendance Worker Certificate; M.A (Principal Licensure)


Dr. Tom Hisiro
Phone: (304) 746-2516
email: hiriso@marshall.edu
Program Coordinator:  M.A. (Justice Leadership); Cohort Principalship


Dr. Barbara Nicholson
Phone: (304) 746-2094
email: bnicholson@marshall.edu
Program Coordinator:  Superintendency Certificate; Ed.D. (Public School Administration)


Dr. Louis Watts
Phone: (304) 746-1933
email: wattsl@marshall.edu
Program Coordinator:  Post-Master’s Principalship Licensure


Program Descriptions

Leadership Studies, M.A., Ed.S., Ed.D., Certificates

Masters of Arts (M.A.)

Justice Leadership (Contact – Dr. Tom Hisiro)
Leadership Specialist in Higher Education  (Contact – Dr. Dennis Anderson)
Leadership Specialist in Non-Profit & Public Agency Leadership  (Contact – Dr. Dennis Anderson)
Education Leadership (Principal Licensure) (Contact – Dr. Eugenia Damron)


Post-Master’s Principal Licensure / Graduate Certificate  (Contact – Dr. Louis Watts)
Superintendent Licensure  (Contact – Dr. Barbara Nicholson)
Social Service & Attendance Licensure / Graduate Certificate  (Contact – Dr. Eugenia Damron)

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Community College Administration  (Contact – Dr. Dennis Anderson)
Public School / Higher Education  (Contact – Dr. Dennis Anderson)

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Community College Administration  (Contact – Dr. Dennis Anderson)
Higher Education Administration  (Contact – Dr. Dennis Anderson)
Public School Administration  (Contact – Dr. Barbara Nicholson)