CIEC 560 Social Networking for Teachers and Students

Course Description

Social Networking has become a popular method for communicating and sharing information in online groups via the Internet and other technologies. In addition to personal use, Social Networking can also be used for educational purposes. The purpose of this course is to introduce teachers to a variety of social networking tools, including blogs, wikis, Twitter, social bookmarking, and cloud storage. Teachers will be provided information on each of the social networking tools, learn how to use them then work individually and collaboratively to formulate ideas for implementing social networking tools in the classroom in order to facilitate learning and the use of technology.

Course Objectives

  1.  Define and describe social networking including wikis, blogs, cloud storage, Twitter and social bookmarking.
  2. Create accounts with and use Twitter, Delicious, Portaportal and Google Drive, PB Works and Edublogs.
  3. Create teaching and learning projects utilizing the social networking tools described in objective 2.
  4. Evaluate the types of social networking for their usefulness in an educational setting, including your own classroom.
  5. Develop and discuss ideas for implementing social networking in the P-12 classroom.
  6. Review and analyze literature regarding the use of social networking in the P-12 classroom.


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