2012 Research and Creativity Conference Proceedings

For the past 12 years the College of Liberal Arts has hosted the Research and Creativity Conference. This event, which is modeled after professional academic conferences, is the showcase for the exceptionally good work of students in the College of Liberal Arts. During the conference, students may present creative works, empirical studies, or analyses of topics from literature or history. Many of these projects represent students’ senior projects that require them to bring to bear the skills and perspectives they developed as a part of their major and being a student of the college.


Conference Proceedings

“Municipal Rights: Home Rule in West Virginia” — A.J. Webb

“The Appalachian Regional Commission” — Jamie Davidson

“The West Virginia Tobacco Tax” — Robert Landon Grimmett Jr.

“Florida’s Policy of Drug Testing TANF Applicants” — Ashley Quaranta

“Transformation of Social Security and Proposed Reform” — Gretchen Williams

“Reforming the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001” — Justin Setliff

“Remembering a Legend” — Dreama Pritt

“Lessons My Father Taught Me” — Samir Ali Abdel-Aziz

“Tapa in Oceania: An Analysis of Tapa and Culture in the Pacific” — Jessica Lake

“Declaring War in a System of Checks and Balances” — Ethan Curry

“United States and China Trade Relations” — Zachary Phillips Bell

“Coca Leaf and Cocaine Prohibition: Is it Time to Sack the War on Drugs?” — Benjamin C. Harlan

“Methamphetamine Laboratory Eradication Act” — Adam Ross Fridley

“Welfare Reform, Blaming the Victim, Or Improving Effectiveness?” — Charlie House

“An Analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act” — Jacqoui K. Chandler

“Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Medical Sustainability for America in the Newly Reformed Medical Community” — Lindsey Raven Brown

“For Richer, For Poorer” — Courtney N. Sexton

“Social Security in the United States: Past, Present and Future” — Raymond Harrell, Jr.

“Academic Background In Nonverbal Behavior During A Job Interview” — Aimee Kupets

“Nonverbal Cues for Lying: Truth or Stereotype?” — Hope Walters

“Sleep Pattern Differences in Perceived Stress Responses Among College Students” — Jeffrey Reed Ellis

“Gender Differences in Perceived Stress in College Students” — Katherine Legg

“Smoking Habits and Perceived Stress Levels in College Students” — Tiara Cantley

“Sleep Patterns, Stress, and Academic Performance in College Students” — Christa Rucker

“Social Support, Perceived Stress, and Academic Performance in College Students” — Shea Fyffe

“Socioeconomic Status, Stress, and Academic Performance in College Students” — Nicole Toliver

“Real Life in a Virtual World” — Missica Skeens

“Gender Difference and Peer Influence in Body Image Perception” — Megan Workman

“An Analysis of the U.S. Energy Policy: The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007” — Jake Keaton

“Alternative Fuels and the Economy” — Jake Keaton

“Exploring the USA PATRIOT Act” — Lauren Elizabeth McAlister

“American Antitrust Law” — Nicholas R. Lemley

“Who Needs Tort Reform?” — Brandon Garnes

“An Empirical Analysis of the USA Patriot Act” — Charles Gilkerson

“Time Served: Restoration of the Rights of Ex-Felons” — Shane Snyder

“The Death Penalty” — Elizabeth Brown

“Madness as a Resistance to Bio-Power” — Derek Frasure

“Assessing the Accuracy of Statistical-Dynamic Forecasting Models for Tropical Cyclone Intensity” — Aaron G. Johnson

“Poor Air Quality in Urban Areas and Negative Effects on the Respiratory Health

of Children” — Robert E. Maynard II

“Love and Marriage: A Brief Look at Marriage in Early Christianity and the

Ancient World” — James Horsley

“Maintaining Normality: Why Dominant Groups Ignore the Sexuality of the Body” — Michelle Hormire

“Peace in the Middle East” — Erin Laws

“A Dying Wonder” — Josh Chapman

“Harry Potter, Rule-Breaking and Rewards: Exploring Foucault’s Fourth Face of Power Through Popular Culture” — Charlie House

“Consumption as Control in Victorian Poetry” — Marissa Nelson

“Groupthink and Watergate” — Abigail Woods

“Reefer Madness: 2012” – William O’Connell

“Firearm Policy in the United States: Why it needs to be Strengthened” — Joshua Thompson

“Age Differences in Perceived Stress in College Students” — Mary Lynn Tran

“The Prodigal” — H. S. Sowards

“TANF Reform” — Christopher Ryan Jackson

“Citizen, Interrupted: Disenfranchisement of Felons in the United States” — Jeannie Marie Harrison

“The Effect of Employment on Acute and Perceived Stress in College Students” — Shawna Thomas

“The Effects of River Construction on Flooding Behavior for the Ohio River” — Ben Stratton  

“The Effects of Natural Resource Industries on West Virginia Counties’ Unemployment Rates” — Jessica L. Streeter