This site serves as a suggestion for best practice techniques when using Blackboard Collaborate in the Learn 9.1 environment. If you would like to add a technique to this list, please feel free to contact us at

Please also visit Blackboard’s Best Practice Page for Collaborate

  • Under the Course Management area, Customization, and Tool Availability, make sure that all of the Collaborate tools are made available to you and your students.
  • Create a direct link to the Collaborate Scheduling Manager in your course’s table of contents to make it easier for students to access the virtual meeting area. To do so, roll your mouse over the green plus sign, then choose Tool Link. Give your link a recognizable name, such as Collaborate, Virtual or Live Classroom, and choose Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager as the Type. Check the box next to “Available to Users” to ensure that the link is visible to students. The link will be created on the bottom of the table of contents list. If you would like to move the link up, simply scroll your mouse over the arrows to the left of the link until your mouse pointer becomes compass arrows, click, and drag up or down the table of contents area.
  • When creating a new session, use caution when making your session public. If your session is made public, anyone with an MUOnLine account can see your session. Try to set your sessions as course or shared sessions instead.
  • Always allow at least 15 minutes for early session entry so you and your students have time to run the audio and video wizard before your session begins.
  • As with any new technology, give yourself some time to become acquainted with the software. Try it out before your session begins. Make an appointment to visit us in the Design Center prior to your session and we can troubleshoot you through any questions, issues, or concerns you may have regarding Collaborate.
  • If you are archiving a session without sound (for example: showing American Sign Language techniques), you must still click the talk button or time segments will be skipped when it is processing your archive session.